Day 25 – January 25th, 2017

Hello, hello. I had a good lazy day today. Although, I cooked first! I made some spaghetti with a tomato meat sauce, my specialty LOL. Life would be pretty strange if I didn’t know how to cook my own favourite food, now that I think about it.

Anyways, I spent the rest of the day napping, and watching romantic comedies. I think the rom-coms help my little heart maintain its unending belief in romance in love. Rom-coms are like food for my heart, she devours them the way I devour spaghetti.

Tomorrow I have my appointment with my counselor, which I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to see what residual feelings I have left over from Nick cheating on me. I think that that hurt me more than I could really understand at the time, so I’m really excited to properly deal with the event as I should have a year ago.

Less than four weeks until I leave to Hawaii! Ah, how I’m looking forward to the sun and the warm air. On another note – today is Bell’s “Let’s Talk” day, a day devoted to talking about and destroying the stigma that surrounds mental health. Not to mention, every use of the hashtag raises money that will go towards mental health initiatives. It really warmed my heart to see so many people be understanding and accepting of mental health, after being raised to believe that one could easily get over anything if they were just “strong enough”.

I’m going to make it my mission to help my parents understand why Olivia and I are the way that we are. It’s not just us though – Dad’s been suffering from addiction, a mental illness, for as long as Olivia and I have been alive. It’s about time that they understand that there are different severities to mental illness.

Also, I’m proud of both myself and Olivia for finally reaching out for help. It was the hardest step to take, but now that we have, we’re both much better off.

Anyways! I’ve got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so I think I shall hit the hay now.

Just a quick emotional check-in before I go: I’m definitely glad that I didn’t message him this week. It was way, way too soon for sure. Slowly but surely though, I’m starting to think about him less. I still miss him, but it’s mostly our friendship that I miss. I hope he’s doing okay. I wonder what his life has become life without me. Does he have the same routine of going to the gym, going to work, and watching shows? Has he met anyone new? (If he did, I’d be more than happy for him and would encourage him to pursue it further!!! I just want him to be happy).

I wonder how strange it’s going to be to message him again, after having gotten so used to our silence. I wonder if he’s gotten used to it. He must have, by now. Okay, off to bed I go! I’ll write about my appointment after I come back home tomorrow! Until then!

Love, love, love,


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