Day 31 – January 31st, 2017

Here we are, the last day of the first month of this year. And what a month it’s been! When you really take note of what occurs on a daily basis, you can really see how much can change in the span of just one month. Let’s see: I ended my three year relationship with my best friend/boyfriend, I asked for a raise (finally!), I focused on rebuilding my mental/emotional health, focused on my physical health, focused on establishing a more loving relationship with myself and as a result, have rebuilt my confidence, and generated my own happiness. Basically, after all this time, this month has brought more momentum to my life than the past three/four years have.

I had a pretty big reality check today in my appointment with my family doctor. He told me how he was already a doctor by the time he was 24, and how I was no longer 18 and now I had to start acting like was 24 and to be more responsible for myself. And, he’s totally right. I really do need to practice more responsibility in my life. I can no longer avoid things, or sweep them under the rug or pretend they don’t exist just because it’s easier. I have to get my life in order, and face everything head on and take responsibility for where I am in my life if I’m ever going to move forward.

I feel like the universe is trying to point me in the right direction, and I’m just not listening sometimes. Well universe, I’m listening now! I know I need to have a plan, so I’m going to do everything in my power to make this manifest.

I feel like whenever I start to feel stuck again, the “lowness” comes back. Whenever that lowness rears its head, I need to start scrambling to move forward or else I will be unhappy. There’s so many things I have to do, and I’m not saying that in a stressed or negative way – I’m looking forward to all this change that I need and want to implement in my life!

I can do this! I can get my life back on track, now that I know what direction I want my life to head in. It’s hard to know where to go or what to do if you don’t have an end goal in mind, but now I do, and it feels good.

Anyways, I think I shall head to bed soon. I’m really looking forward to everything February will bring! I intend to make next month just as good as this month was for me.  One last thing though… tomorrow being midweek and the start of a new month, will I message Nick? We shall see!

Until then!



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