Day 43 – February 12th, 2017

Okay, so I’m slightly upset. I literally just typed a whole log, albeit not a very long one I’ll admit, and my computer just froze and I lost the whole log. Not to mention, part of my log from yesterday is gone too (although that’s more so my fault for forgetting to save after I finished).

Before I lost this log, I talked about what I’m doing this week (class, work, packing, etc.) and also I had a little bit of a realization that I would like to be a more positive person (because I mentioned that I hate Mondays).

I talked about how people beg to see another Monday, just so that they could see another day in general. I’m lucky to be alive. I need to remember that. Positivity is important and it’s something I want to incorporate into my every day, as a natural happenstance.

Anyways, there’s pretty much about a week left until I leave to Hawaii! Time sure has flown. Anyways, until tomorrow!



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