Day 47 – February 16th, 2017

Hello! So today was indeed an absolutely amazing day. My coworkers and I spent our entire shifts just talking because there was quite literally no one to sell to. But, the best parts of my day began once Dylan came into work…

We were all in a group talking, and at one point, Jake mentioned that he thought that I was Italian, and Dylan died laughing because I clearly DO NOT look Italian. And then, he proceeded to put his arm around me, and joked that I was his “paisan”. It was so, so, so cute, and I love how touchy he is!! I bet he’s so affectionate. (My heart is currently trying to claw her way out of the confinements I’ve locked her up in, LOL).

And then, Luna was joking about how I wanted to stay in my bikini the entire time, and he kind of defended me, saying how if he were there too, he’d never wear a shirt. And then, I don’t remember what remark she made, but he replied, “Well it doesn’t really matter to me because it’s not like I’m going to be there to see it”, which made me die of laughter. He’s so smooth!

But my favourite moment, which I can’t believe I almost forgot about, was this – I had noticed that he had something on his face, like a little toothpaste, so after we stopped talking to everyone, I called him back. And he came over to me, and I told him that he had a little something on his cheek, and I pointed to it, and I don’t know if I just voluntarily did it or if he wanted me to, but he came pretty close to me and I ended up trying to get it off of his cheek myself with my thumb, and it was SO. CUTE. I think he started blushing because I noticed that he was turning a little red? Either way, it wasn’t coming off, so I joked about using my saliva. He ended up getting it off himself with his own though.

And then after, he was like, “about the saliva thing, as long as you don’t have AIDS, I would have been okay with it.” And I laughed, and said, “I definitely do not, and now you know for future reference”. Le sigh.

I told him today that I know the entire verse in “Love the Way You Lie” part 2 and I told him one day I’d rap it for him. And he was like, “you got bars eh?”, and I was like “oh yeah, I can spit”, which made him laugh.

At the end of my shift, when I was about to leave, I stopped by him and he gave me this look where I knew he was about to say goodbye, right? And as he came towards me, he told me… that he was going to miss me. And while this may not seem like a big deal, it is to me, because I’m not used to guys being so openly straight forward, expressive and communicative.

When I left to Sri Lanka for a month and a half, I sent Nick this nice sentimental message about how much I would miss him, and how I would be excited to see him when I got back. And all he said to me? Literally, “Okay, bye.” LOL.

Anyways, back to Dylan – I was so taken aback that all I said was “aww”. *face palm*. I gave him a really big hug though! And then I reminded him that he had to go to Luna’s car, so we walked out together. He told me earlier that day that he was looking for another job, possibly in bartending. So, I made up for my moment earlier by telling him that I hoped he got what he was looking for, but that I would miss him and not have anyone to really talk to as much. He replied he would miss everyone a lot too, and that maybe he’d come back a few times.

As we were walking to Luna’s car, I luckily remembered the Waterloo thing, so I was like, “Hey, you remember that one time you told me about that place in Waterloo, Pub on King? I think I may be checking it out when I go to Waterloo for St. Patrick’s day.” And he got really excited and was like “you’re going to Waterloo for St. Paddy’s? Me too! The 17th, right?” And I was like “yeah!” and he was like “okay, we’re definitely going to meet up then, for sure.”

Thank. Goodness. Because, if he does find a job and doesn’t come back, today would have been the last time we saw each other for a really long time. But I’m so glad that we’ll be seeing each other, on an outside-of-work capacity. It should be interesting! I guess we’ll get to know each other on a less professional basis now.

I think it’ll be good to go away for a while and just clear my head because, I know I have a crush and it’s not something I want to fixate on right now, I think. I think he’s so incredibly sweet, and such a good guy. But, I don’t quite know how to proceed right now. I think it’s just best to wait and see what St. Patrick’s brings. I’ll get to see how he acts outside of work, when he’s with all his friends. Who knows, maybe his personality will change a bit! You adapt to your surroundings right, and being at work, we’re surrounded by adults, so we reflect back what we’re surrounded by.

Today was so good though. Oh and, I got my nails done, and then me and Luna went for some authentic ramen after! It was so good, and it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

I still can’t believe I touched his cheek. I can’t believe I get to experience moments like that in life, like TV/movie moments. Sigh.

I need to keep in mind that I. Just. Got. Out. Of. A. Relationship. I still need time to heal! I can’t be jumping from one relationship to pursue the possibility of another one!!! I’m supposed to be focusing on myself for a while! LOL. I’ll be defeating the very purpose of me breaking up with Nick in the first place, if I don’t give myself the time I need to grow as a person. Keep that in mind, me!

Anyways, it’s gotten late now, so I think I shall head to bed. I get to sleep in at least, because I work late tomorrow, so that’s nice. I love working! I love being able to talk to everyone at work, it honestly feels like we’re just hanging out and it’s so fun.

So, until tomorrow!



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