Day 50 + 51 – February 19th & 20th, 2017

Hello! So, for the first time since I’ve began this log, I missed writing one yesterday. It’s just, I went straight from work to hang out with my cousins, and then we got really caught up playing a group game and stuff. It totally and completely slipped my mind! Also, these days have really been blurring together lately, I don’t know why I’ve been losing my sense of time but I have been.

Here’s the huge thing though – I’M LEAVING TO HAWAII… TOMORROW. The big day is finally here!!!!! I can’t believe it!!! It seems so surreal. I still haven’t finished packing, LOL. I still have a lot of stuff I need to organize. I was also thinking of bringing my laptop because, I want to be able to keep writing every day that I’m there and keep a detailed record of everything I do; from what I eat, to the adventures we embark on, to the things I learn about myself and the feelings I experience.

I think I’m definitely going to bring it! I’m sure we’ll find some down time throughout all the adventuring in order for me to type out these logs.

I missed a lot of stuff that I wanted to talk about that happened on Saturday – like how I hit on that bartender, and how I found out Dylan was thinking of asking me out. I’m feeling kind of lazy right now, and also I need to pack, but I think I owe it to that missed log to elaborate on each at least a little before I go.

Okay so! On Saturday, me, Leila, Chloe, Cory and Avery went to Boston Pizza to have some lunch before the Slam Dunk challenge, right? And we were just finishing up when this superbly hot bartender sat down at a table close to the bar, just diagonally of us. And of course, I could help but notice how nice his arms were and how good looking he was, which I immediately pointed out to Leila and Chloe.

As we were finishing up, he began to work and I couldn’t help but stare (which he caught me doing a couple times, admittedly – but no shame from me!). And then, Leila and I began debating about his background – I was sure he was Spanish, and Leila thought he was half Asian. I joked that I was tempted to ask, and she said I would be brave if I did. And well, I know it wasn’t an outright dare but, I couldn’t resist…

As we were leaving, I dawdled behind so that I was the last one trailing behind them. As we passed the bar, I stopped right in front of him, flashed him a big smile and was like, “I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but what’s your background?” He smiled back, and was like “guess”, to which I replied Spanish. He confirmed that he was half Spanish, but also half Arabic. And then, he asked me what my background was, so I told him Sri Lankan. He then reached out his hand to shake mine as he introduced himself as “Matt”.

I said it was nice to meet him, and he was like, “see you around”. And as I trailed away, I playfully called out over my shoulder, “hopefully!” which made both him and the waitress standing nearby laugh.

What a rush! I felt so confident and powerful. I need to do that more often!

Next – Dylan. So Luna called me on Saturday night, and she told me she had something to tell me. It turns out, that Dylan had approached Sera and asked her if she had any tickets to hockey games left. And when she asked why, he told her it was because he found out that I had never been to a hockey game before, and wanted to take me. HOW. SWEET. IS. THAT.

Unfortunately for both of us, she didn’t have any left. She suggested basketball, but I think he’s under the impression that I’ve been to a game before, (although I haven’t). Nonetheless, the idea of it all is very cute – he told her he wanted to take me to something I’ve never been to before.

I really have no idea where things are headed when it comes to this, but you know what? I’m just going to let go, go with the flow and let things happen as they do. I’m still very much intending to focus on myself; growing as a person, achieving everything I need to do to get myself back on track for this year, etc. I’m not refusing the possibilities that the world is obviously showing me – I’m just going to sit back, and let the universe take me where it will, because in the other aspects of my life, I know I have control and need to exercise it in order to steer myself onto the path that I’m meant to be on.

Hanging out with my friend group, just like the old days, was so refreshing and so much fun. We watched the contest altogether and ordered pizza, and then we played this computer game where all of us could use our phones. We all died laughing at one point because Cory started live streaming our hang out and people were actually watching! All in all, I’m glad that we can all still get together this way and have it be like nothing’s changed, even if it’s been a long while since we saw each other last.

I’m so truly excited to be leaving the country tomorrow. I think my soul, my brain and my heart could really use the getaway. I need to clear my mind, get some real thinking done, and adventure the way that I was meant to in this life. I swear to myself, that I will treasure every single moment that I’m there, really breathe in the air and scent of the ocean, and let my being fill with nothing but utter and sincere gratitude for the fact that I am able to experience this sort of privilege.

Okay, it’s 10:12 pm now, which means in about 12 hours and 42 minutes, I will be making my way to the airport. AND I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED PACKING PROPERLY. I need to get on that, ASAP! Because I also have to make sure that my luggage is less than 44 pounds.

I have this little anxiety that I’m going to end up rushing tomorrow and forget something that I REALLY wanted to take with me, LOL. I hate that feeling so much. I’m just going to try to make notes of everything that comes to me, on my phone. And then make sure I bring it all.

Alright, wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write a quick little log once I land in Hawaii tomorrow night! If not, I’ll type one out on the plane on my phone. Hopefully the next time I write, it won’t be here in this living room!

Until then!



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