Day 53 & 54 – February 22nd + 23rd, 2017

I don’t even know where to begin. In the past two days, I’ve already experienced and felt so many amazing things here… okay, I’ll begin with what I’ve done so far, and then I’ll go into the feelings and thoughts I’ve been experiencing.

So yesterday when we woke up, we went walking along the beach towards our breakfast place but they were all booked up and busy so we ended up eating at this little café like place with an open patio right on the beach. In all honesty, I’m glad that we ended up there, because it was the perfect meal to start off our trip!

After we ate, we did a little grocery shopping, grabbed some alcohol (pineapple wine!!!) and then!! We ran into this lady with four beautiful tropical parrots – and she let us hold them!! I held a little green guy and a beautifully coloured macaw was on my shoulder, and he tried to get frisky a couple times LOL. The lady ended up being Filipino and really friendly, so we stopped to talk to her for a little, and she told us about how she raised them for fourteen years! They were so cute.

After that, we went back to our place to chill a little bit and then we got ready for the beach! It was so, so nice to just sit in the sun and then swim when it got too hot. But, that wasn’t even the best part…

Luna let me use her snorkeling gear, and for the first time ever, I went snorkeling. It was… indescribably amazing. I felt like I was in another world, a world of magic and fish and water. I felt like a mermaid, but also like a person who had the amazing privilege of being able to visit the home of creatures who allowed me to see the utter beauty in the simplicity of their little universe. I saw all kinds of fish – the big unicorn fish with horns on their foreheads, the Hawaiian national state fish (known as trigger fish, but the Hawaiian term is Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – which I finally learned how to say, but more on that later.)

It was just, so incredible. My heart is truly so full.

After the beach, we went back and got ready to walk around the Waikiki strip and get dinner. The night time was so incredible – there are fire-lit lamps EVERYWHERE. The strip was bustling, full of life and people and buskers. There were small little groups of Hawaiian people singing songs, making the atmosphere as authentic and beautiful as it could be. We ate at a little pho place, and then walked around some more. I bought myself a pretty monokini cause I couldn’t help it, hehe.

After that, we went back to our place and knocked out right away! It had been such a busy and amazing first day, and we were exhausted in the best way possible. That sleep? Solid as hell! LOL.

This morning, (Day 53, Thursday, February 23rd) we woke up early once more and spontaneously decided to go catch the sunrise over the mountains. We ended up on this beautiful stone pier that led out over the ocean, and we sat down to wait. All of a sudden, little birds began to sit next to us as though they were waiting for someone.

A couple moments later, this kind older man came up near us with a huge loaf of bread to feed all the birds and they were SO excited! He gave me a little slice and they began to land on my hands too, and then he began to throw some bread into the water. When I turned around to see why, tons of the beautiful fish I had seen when I was snorkelling were coming up to the surface!!!!! He began to talk to us, about how he’d been living here for 14 years (14 again – omen??) and he feeds the fish and the birds almost every day. He taught me about the multiple kinds of fish (hence why I now know their names) such as needlefish, the Hawaiian state fish, the unicorn fish, and more.

It was such an amazing and enlightening experience!! I love how open and friendly everyone is around here – so eager to teach and to share their own experiences.

Anyways, after that we went back to the apartment for breakfast, (which Luna made – delicious) and then got ready, which leads me to where I am now – sitting close to the beach, waiting for the bus that will take us to Hanauma Bay, where we’ll be snorkelling!!!! I can’t wait!!!

Now, I need to talk about this moment that happened while I was contentedly sitting outside on our balcony reading the Alchemist while eating breakfast.

I feel like I relate to Santiago so much – he was so trusting, and so hopeful, and at one point, so close to settling for giving up his dream in order to go back to a slightly improved version of his old life. But there was a moment that he was about to leave, when all the hope and destiny came alive again – “maktub”. Which means, “it is written”.

And, I don’t quite understand it myself, but I had this overwhelmingly powerful emotion that surged through my being, enough to make me cry. But it wasn’t tears of sadness – they were tears of joy, of hope and belief and happiness.

After everything Santiago had been through, the possibility that his dream, his personal legend and destiny might still come true was still alive, like a candle’s fire on a wick that struggled to remain burning despite the wind.

For the first time in a long time, that same hope and belief surged through me too. I haven’t felt like that in… God, I don’t know. But the hope that I could end up where I’m meant to, that I can fulfil my own personal legend.. it’s such a beautiful feeling. I am here in Hawaii because the universe and I worked together to make this dream a possibility. Every decision I have made for myself had led me down this path. And so, if I truly believe in it, and keep my faith no matter what life may throw at me, then I can fulfil my destiny too. I can be happy, whole, and fulfilled in this life.

I think in this life, we meet everyone for a bigger reason than we can understand at the time. A life lesson, an experience we’re meant to go through, whatever it may be.

I don’t know how to thank Dylan and Sera for what this book is bringing into my life. But I know, that the universe will bring them the good they deserve. I truly believe that.

And so with that, I bring this log to a close as I continue on, on this amazing journey and adventure. I can’t wait to see what else I will encounter, learn, feel and how I will grow from it all. I’m so thankful. I hope I always remember this feeling and carry it with me, wherever I go.



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