Day 54 continued, 55, & 56 – February 23rd, 24th, + 25th 2017

Hello! Things have been happening so quickly that it’s hard to keep up!! I’m going to pick up where I left off though, which was on the way to Hanauma Bay.

So Hanauma Bay was created out of the volcano’s eruption – the lava and water created a dome like bay which eventually filled up with water and consequently, marine life. It gained popularity throughout the years, and due to hunting, they made it a government protected preserve.

We had to climb down into the bay, and the scenery was just absolutely breath-taking. When we went snorkelling, it was a little tricky at first, but then after it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It was truly like being allowed to swim in a massive aquarium, while still being able to breathe underwater.

Best of all, my go pro turned out to be great despite its price and origin!!!! The pictures and videos were stunning and I cannot wait to take more! It worked perfectly. I was beyond thrilled.

I saw some humongous fish that actually kind of made me a little afraid LOL! They were just so big and so unafraid of me.

In the end, it turned out to be an amazing day. We had an amazing dinner (udon noodles/ramen) and then headed home to sleep.

The next morning (Friday, February 24th aka yesterday but also today?) we woke up super early in the morning to make our way over to the Pearl Harbour memorial. We made it just in time, and our tickets were free!! It was incredible to witness preserved history. I’ve always loved history, so it was so nice to read more about how the US was somewhat forced to join WW2 because of Japan’s aggressive attack against the US. (As told by the Americans of course.. I don’t know if we’ll ever really quite know 100% of the truth because history will always have a bias in favour of the ones who tell the stories).

The memorial was built over one of the sunken battle ships called “Arizona”, as well as on top of the remains of almost a thousand men who died there. The atmosphere was very somber. I almost wished I could dive beneath the surface to see the boat from an underwater perspective. Has the water and environment preserved things? Are there skeletons floating beneath the ravaged and decomposing decks of the sunken ship?

Anyways, it was definitely an incredible experience. I’m so happy and content and grateful and thankful and so much more, that I’m getting to experience life to this degree.

We returned back to the city after, but Luna & Lana went for food so they got off before me and I went along on the bus by myself for a little before coming to our condo by myself. It was so quaint – I made myself a little lunch of my leftovers from food from before, and sat outside on the balcony to settle into reading some more of the Alchemist. I’m really learning to enjoy my own company, which I love.

After that, we took a quick nap and then got ready to head back to the strip to go see the firework display at the Hilton. But, we ended up sitting down for a bit to watch a beautiful show of a man and woman singing Hawaiian songs.

The atmosphere was truly enchanting and magical. There was a moment when the woman spoke of a song that had to do with the lush foliage that surrounded us (the ferns!!!!) and their beauty and how they contributed to the “oasis” like feel of the area we were in (Alchemist reference!!!)

There actually so many different omens and signs one can see, if one is willing to become in tune with the universal language of the world, and the soul of the world.

After the amazing show, we made our way to the Hilton. Let me just add here – we all get along so well!!!! We’re always laughing and talking and happy and I feel like our positive energy and vibes are so strong between the three of us that they’re beginning to physically manifest themselves into the universe.

Like the woman with parrots, and the knowledgable bird/fish man on the pier, and…

After the absolutely incredible firework display on the beach, as we were making our way back, I stopped to talk to a very tall and somewhat intimidating looking bouncer in the front of a very cool-looking club. After finding out some brief information and learning that he loves Toronto, he promised to take care of our cover for tomorrow night!!!! How nice is that?!?

Which is just a further example of how our positive energy is manifesting itself into this unbelievable “luck” it seems. We’re meeting such amazing people and experiencing such amazing things. Which reminds me…

There was a man with tarot cards sitting near the beach and when he made eye contact with me as we were passing, I felt this strange sensation in my chest, like a jolt. And I told myself and the girls, if he was there when/if we passed by once more, it was meant to be that I get a reading done. And he was there when we went back! So I did, and…

It was mind-blowing. I wish I had recorded him so that I could remember better what he said, but he was so on point. And the cards I chose, they went together so well. He told me how I give myself and my all in relationships, only to get next to nothing back. That people vent to me. That in my past, there was a man who appeared as a man would, but with the mind of a child. (Nick?). And that also, someone would attempt to make a reappearance in my life, that he was very persistent and would not give up. (Don). (Ps, the Tarot card for that was the Devil lmao).

He told me that although money wasn’t extremely important to me, I would always have it. To invest now, and to save despite whatever I received.

And about my present and future, he told me I would most likely have boys, and that my son would be as free-spirited as I am.

He says I’ll be fertile for the next 15 years, but that I’ll meet my soulmate in 5, and that he’ll find me, not the other way around. And then, he asked if there was a man now who loved me that I was unaware of, and the “man of justice” came up. Confident, with a bit of a temper, but fair and just and balanced. And that, if I had someone in mind in that moment, that he and I would be like night and day. That he had a bit of a tough past himself, but that I would guide him. He would be like a rock to me, unwavering and supportive. But, the tarot man also told me I still have a couple more things to learn before all of that.

The tarot man (named Antonio) also did Luna and Lana’s reading too and he just continued to astound us with everything he knew. He knew so much!!! He gave us a kind blessing in the end, and told us he loved our energy, and that we would travel together once again.

It was an indescribable experience, most definitely. After that we came back here, and here I am now lying in my bed, on Day 25 (Saturday, February 25th).

I forgot to mention – we ate authentic Mexican food for dinner, and it reminded me so much of Nick that it made me a little sad. But just a little. I’m still filling all the little holes that he left in me when I left him. But they’re becoming more and more full with every day that passes. One day I will be whole and I won’t be looking for anyone to fulfill what I already create for myself, and that’s when someone will find me. I believe in what Antonio said.

Tomorrow (or today really), we’re going to have a nice chill day by the beach and then get all dressed up for the fancy club, which I’m super excited for! Should be a really nice day. I’ll write when I can! So far, this trip has been above and beyond what I could have ever possibly expected. I’ve already cried twice out of sheer happiness, LOL.

Until tomorrow or whenever then!! Aloha!! (Which means goodbye as well as hello, hehe).



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