Day 74 – March 15th, 2017 

Hello! So I’m currently writing this log from bed because I was super busy packing for this weekend and now I’m all cozy and too lazy to go type this out on my laptop, but a lot happened so I definitely need to type this log. Also, I’m going to have to type out logs on my phone for the next couple days because I’m going to be bouncing from Toronto to Waterloo to London this weekend for festivities! Can’t wait!

So today. Today was such a good, good day!!! Even though it turned out that Dylan and I had different shifts, we still got to run into each other for a bit so that was really nice.

He looked so happy to see me, it was the cutest thing ever. I love his smile, heh. We went over to my house, where I gave him his gift, which he loved. And then he insisted that I keep the book, explaining that he and his mom felt that it meant so much to me and that they wanted me to have it, which is so incredibly sweet.

We started talking about Hawaii so I sped through some of the main stories as quickly as I could, since I had to leave to the training, but that’s okay. He laughed at my funnier stories, was awed by the cooler ones like the tarot card reader and the huge fish I saw while snorkeling.

When I mentioned the fish, he mentioned how he’d love to go fishing, which in turn surprised me! I used to love fishing, and still do, despite not having gotten the chance to lately. I told him how my dad taught me to fish and bait a hook and about the pike story of the one that got away. He suggested that he and I go fishing sometime in the summer, which I totally agreed to hehe.

Every conversation we have, I swear he just gets more and more perfect. How can this be?! He’s like, my “ideal” kinda guy, if I had to make one. Reading for pleasure, smart, great conversationalist, ambitious, sexy as hell, funny, thoughtful, respectful, selfless.. sigh.

Anyways, after our brief talk, I had to go to the training so I gave him a hug and said goodbye, and he mentioned that he was working tomorrow so that means I’ll basically be seeing him three days in a row!! Which is quite nice. And he added me on Snapchat today. I kind of like how things are kind of… going along? Progressing? Slowly, but steadily. I like this pace.

When we got back, Sera told me that Dylan loved his gift, which made me happy.

Work went by quickly, and now here I am in bed after a great dinner and packing for this weekend! I’m really excited. Better enjoy this weekend to the fullest! Here’s to… unexpected encounters and limitless fun. Cheers!



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