Day 88 – March 29th, 2017

Hello! So today, I saw my counselor after not seeing her since January and I think it was much more needed than I realized. I need to know that I can look within myself for the answers that I’m seeking. The questions AND answers start with me.

I feel like there’s SO MUCH that I need to catch up on, in terms of logs. I STILL have to finish writing about what happened in St. Patrick’s weekend, I have to write about me and Nick catching up, I have to write about the uncertainties I’ve been having lately, as well as some of the recent realizations I’ve had as a result of the books I’ve been indulging in. But once again, it’s been a long day and it is late at night.

But tomorrow, I get to sleep in! I’ll actually have time to myself! So tomorrow, I swear to myself, I will write the longest log ever. Of EVERYTHING I need to write about and catch up on. Okay? Okay.

Time for some rest! Until tomorrow,



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