Day 102 – April 12th, 2017

Hi, hi! I’m going to bang out this log real quick because I’m actually feeling a little tired and I want to head to bed.

Today was a really good day! I got a lot done, I feel. I texted Nick a happy birthday wish, and then I told him that I didn’t want to take the restaurant job, and he was okay with that. He told me that the offer still stands at the end of summer if I do need a job, and I thanked him.

I know I definitely did the right thing when it came to that decision. Working there would honestly bring our pathways back together, and I like the path that I’m on right now. I want to stick to this and see where it takes me.

I also got my roman numeral tattoo today!! It looks amazing, I’m so happy with it. It was actually pretty quick to do, about five minutes max? And it was so interesting to see how it gets done too, because I realized all of my tattoos were done in places that I couldn’t watch the process for. Watching the ink go into my skin was definitely a cool experience, for sure.

I spent the rest of this day relaxing and watching the office, and then I cooked mussels for dinner for the family. All in all, a great day. Tomorrow morning I have my appointment with my counselor, and then a full time night shift, so it should definitely be a busy, busy day.

Last but not least, before I go – snapchat is slowly becoming my favourite social media outlet, for one particular reason, LOL. This morning, Dylan snapchatted me his “playoff” beard coming in (tres cute). Anyways, later on in the day when I started getting my tattoo, I snapped the artist right as she was getting into it, and he snapped me back asking for a final result.

I had already bandaged it though, so anyways it resulted in a small back and forth which involved lovely selfies from him saying that he loved it and couldn’t wait to see it in person, hehe. And now, he has the little happy emoji beside his name that denotes we are official snapchat best friends, LOL.

I also did some sleuthing today and figured out he’s selling his tickets for the home game that is on the Wednesday that I work, by some coincidence. Which means he’ll still have tickets for 2/3 home games – the one that’s happening next Monday, and the one that’s happening on the Sunday. Two chances to ask me out, possibly. Will he? Who knows!

What a mystery this has become to me! I’m so, so curious to know what’s going on in his head when it comes to me. It’s nice that we’re keeping in touch rather consistently through snapchat, at least. But again, no expectations. I need to maintain a certain level of detachment for the sake of my emotional wellbeing and sanity. I’ve got to keep that in mind.

Anyways, that’s all for today! I think this week is pretty much written off at this point because after tomorrow, I’m leaving to Niagara! I’m going to have to write my logs in my phone again, I can’t forget to do that.

I’ll get more productive when I come back from my trip.

I’m looking forward to seeing my counselor tomorrow! I want to discuss some things with her, namely stuff like, do I have attachment issues? Hopefully she can help me figure out where I stand with my level of dependence and whatnot. I’ll write tomorrow after my work shift!

Until then,



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