Day 113 + 114 – April 23rd & 24th

Wow. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin! So much has happened in the span of these past two days. All good stuff though! Things are happening a little quickly though, like my intentions are manifesting so much faster than I thought possible and it’s a little unsettling (because comfort is the enemy of progress, of course) but it’s okay. I really think the omens are pointing me in the right direction, and I promised to listen.

Okay so, to back track. I’ll start with yesterday, which was Sunday April 24th, 2017. Rose ended up messaging me about going to Maple Leaf’s Square for the game after all, so I went with my gut and decided to go. I was a little bit hesitant because of the talk that my mom had with me the night prior, but inevitably, I’m glad that I did go.

The energy in that square was astounding. It was so positive, so vivacious, so effervescent and contagious. The air was full of hope, warmer than the sun on our backs in the afternoon. I am so, so happy that I got to be a part of that. The thrill of the amazing saves and even the anxiety of the near-goals. And when the Leaf’s did score? I screamed so loudly my throat became sore! I couldn’t help it – the energy of that crowd really makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger.

Even though it was a loss in the end, I’m grateful that I got to experience the real passion that Leaf’s fan base has. They may have just gained a new fan too, in me. Hockey really is probably the most exciting and entertaining sport to watch, and I would love to keep up and learn more about it, as humbly as I can of course. I know sport’s fans hate “bandwaggoners” so that’s not what I’m trying to do – I’m genuinely interested in learning more. I’m in it for the long haul.

Anyways, after the game ended, our all-night downtown adventure began. We walked so much – down Bay, to Queen, to Yonge and Dundas, to Church, and back. We ended up at this Firkin pub called “The Churchmouse” in the pride village. The food was delicious! I had perogies, Carrie had curry and Rose had an amazing three cheese artichoke dip. We also split a sangria pitcher amongst the three of us, which was a nice treat.

After that, we headed to Denny’s and proceeded to kill most of our time there with good conversations and endless free coffee refills. Carrie and I even threw in a milkshake around 3 am just for the heck of it. Our server was so, so nice, so I left him a huge tip that hopefully made his night, the exact same way that he made ours.

Around 6 in the morning, we walked back to the union terminal so that Rose and Carrie could catch their bus back to Waterloo, and I decided to head to Harbourfront so that I could catch the sunrise before I headed home.

I’m so glad I did. It was cold, and my hands were freezing, but man. The wind coming off of the lake. The sound of the birds but also the silence and stillness underneath it all. It was so peaceful. I’ve never experienced Harbourfront like that before. I’ve seen it full of life, bustling with people trying to hunt Pokemon and tons of families heading for a day of fun on Center Island.

It was a nice and welcome change. I let myself breathe in the crisp morning air, sitting on a gigantic picnic table situated on the top of the highest hill close to the harbour, over-looking the tops of the ferries.

After a while, I headed to a the Tims in the heart of the city in front of Nathan Phillips, just to kill some time with a green tea. Once enough time had elapsed, I finally head home.

All in all, amazing day, night AND morning. Oh, and to top it all off? Dylan snapchatted me for the first time in a little while, after seeing my Leaf’s-filled snap story. It led to a brief conversation about our mutual good feeling about the game, and also Eminem songs being an omen. Not too much, but still, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. More on this topic later.

Now, I have to talk about the events of this morning (Monday, April 24th). I was watching the Office, thinking about how I could go about being more productive with my day. I can’t recall now if I got opened the Smart Serve site first and THEN got the message, or vice versa but…

Turns out, that this upscale restaurant very close to where I currently work now has been recruiting for the past two weeks. And a girl I used to work with at my current job, who now works for that restaurant, had been thinking of ME recently for a position!! And she hadn’t contacted me, but then Diana went for dinner and told her that I WAS interested in joining the industry. So, that girl, Caroline, messaged me today, which led to a phone call, and well, I’m basically set for a tentative interview this Thursday!

I simply can’t believe in coincidences anymore. Just the way everything unfolded when it came to this. It probably hasn’t even been a full week since I’ve spoken my intention out loud, with real purposeful energy. But somehow, it’s already managed to manifest itself. The signs appeared, the omens are calling. The universe has worked its magic again, and here I am, directly witnessing and experiencing it all, futher solidifying what I’ve come to know and believe about the way the universe really works.

At first, I was a little unsettled with how quickly things were unfolding. But now that I understand where the fear was emanating from, I’ve been able to feel a little bit more comfortable with the idea of it all.

The fear comes from the idea of change. The idea of sacrificing the comfort that my current job has given me for the past two years. Working there has been one of the easiest and most comfortable jobs I’ve ever had in all my experiences of working. The idea of letting it all go, throwing myself into the unknown once more, sacrificing that comfort – that’s what was throwing me off. But you know what?

I just recently did exactly that, and all of these logs are proof of how well things turned out for me. I left my three year relationship, possibly the biggest comfort I’ve ever known in my life, because my intuition, my inner voice, was telling me too. And once agian, the inner voice has been speaking, telling me that it’s time to go, and I’m going to listen.

Will this opportunity be what’s best for me? I have no idea! I could hate it. I might have to work harder than I ever had. But all I know is that it’s time to go. This is what I’m meant to do in my life, right now. So, I’m listening to my intuition.

On the bright side, at least I’ll still get to see my coworkers! I won’t be so far from them. I won’t be working directly with them anymore, but I’m hoping I’ll still get to see them from time to time.

Anyways, that’s about everything for today! Oh wait, one more thing – when my mom came home, I told her about the changes I’m planning on implementing in my life, and her reaction, as per usual, wasn’t what I was hoping for or expecting. She always manages to voice her fears and doubts, her discouragement at what she believes to be my failures are. I know it comes from a place of care and fear, I know. I don’t think she knows much about positive reinforcement, or positivity in general. But that’s okay. I can get that from myself! And other people in my life. And you know, now that I know about the relationships between some of the people I know and THEIR parents? I can’t really complain. I may have gotten a lot of pressure from expectations on time frames and negativity, but there’s always been love there too.

We’re going to go to High Park now, to go see the cherry blossoms at the peak of their blooming, so that should be nice. I’m going to go get ready now! When I get back, I’ll register for my Smart Serve and get started on that so I can chip at it, little by little. I work tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll do a little more of it in the morning before I go. I’ll write tomorrow after my shift, I can’t forget and go to sleep!



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