Day 98 – April 8th, 2017

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!!!!!!!! Okay so, absolutely amazing fantastic fucking day today!!!!! I am literally grinning from ear to ear.

Details, as per making my little inner me happy:

So today, once again I got dressed up as nicely as I could, work permitting. And I kept my expectations low because yesterday was slightly disappointing, of course. BUT!

As soon as I walked into the department, he just happened to be standing at the front! And of course, I couldn’t help the ginormous smile that spread across my face as I halted to say hello. I stopped and walked back, just so I could give him a hug. And as I approached him, he seemed equally as happy to see me too, and he was like, “you look awesome!” (SO CUTE, LMAO.) And me being me, I was like, “thank you! So do you!” LOLOLOL.

After that, I went to go put my bag away and it immediately got busy with customers so I was a little consumed by that. Of course, Luna has to yell across the department for literally EVERYONE to hear, “YOU LOOK REALLY SEXY TODAY!” She’s so funny, I can’t.

After a little while, I took up my usual place in the department and we ended up talking a little bit about exams. I told him I was done, and that it’s summer for me, and that I wasn’t planning on doing summer school because I kind of wanted to get a second job catering maybe.

At first, every time we struck up a conversation, we would end up getting interrupted (because of our jobs, of course LOL). Earlier on, he had been telling me about how he had gotten his tattoo touched up just that morning. And then he told me a story about how this woman, who was high as hell, came in asking for piercings. Oh and, he told me about how his face was on a jumbo-tron during a recent game because, a while back, they took a video of him going nuts and turned it into a meme. The caption? “When she finally texts back”. I told him I wish I could see it, because that’s hilarious.

After he came back from break, I asked him if he was still watching his weight for his tournament in two weeks. And he said that he was at 177, so he was good. And then he was about to explain to me how, if all went well, he’d be facing five different guys within that one tournament alone, and I was asking him if he was excited for it (which he said he was). But then I got called away for a sale. I have to keep that in mind for the next time it comes up though.

But after that, things were a bit better because all the day people left so it was easier to talk. Also, not to mention we were also working for the same company today since he was with BPI, so we promised to help each other out, which was cute.

There was this moment when we were walking back to men’s together and Ary made a comment about us, about my “giggling”, and was asking us what was going on. It was pretty funny – Ary’s spot on, but there was no way in hell I was going to admit to it. Either way, I ended up saying how Dylan’s really amusing and that’s why I was laughing.

After that, we ended up helping some customers together. And I don’t know if it was just me (I really, sincerely hope not), but, every time our fingers brushed when he was passing me a fragrance, it felt like time slowed. I could literally feel electricity zapping through my body. I wonder if he feels it too, gah.

When it got a little quieter, we started talking about TV shows because I brought up the Heisenburg snapchat he had posted a little while ago (which I secretly replayed over 50 times, I’m sure). So he loves Breaking Bad, it’s his favourite show and he’s already watched it twice over. (Like me, with Gossip Girl and Community). But, he also loves Prison Break, and was surprised I’ve never watched it before. He ended up explaining to me a bit of the premise, and I told him he incentivised me to start watching it (it actually sounds pretty interesting!) I told him about 13 Reasons Why, and he said that it sounded like something he’d watch. We also talked about how he has to start Game of Thrones though, and how good that is. For a second, I thought I spoiled a bit of Vampire Diaries for him but luckily he already knew the finer details of Stefan’s death, which be both lamented over. I told him how I recently started the Office, and he said he watched an episode here and there and thought it was hilarious.

I’m so glad that he watches shows just as much as I do! It gave us quite a bit of stuff to talk about hehe.

As it got later, he was telling me about how nervous he was for the upcoming Leaf’s game because, if they lost this one, they would have to face a really tough team in order to make it for the playoffs. But, if they won, they were in, So basically, it was a really, really important game.

There was this point when they started playing, that he came into my house to update me, and it was so, so cute. I honestly adore how passionate he is about it all.

After a while, his shift came to a close and he couldn’t wait any longer to get to the bar he was going to watch the rest of the game at. Before he left though, he made a bet with Ary that, if the Leaf’s won, Ary would have to take a picture wearing Dylan’s hockey jersey.

After that, he came over to hug me good bye and as he did, I told him I hoped the Leaf’s won for the sake of the bet, but also for his sake too. He thanked me, and did that thing where he pulls back enough slowly for him to still be kind of holding me as we talk. Sigh.

I spent a little while just drifting around the department in total bliss, and then I decided to finally go on break. I had the whole break room to myself, so as I settled into the couch chair with my tuna and crackers, I had a brilliant idea. I could watch the game! So I put the channel on, and then snap chatted him that I was watching along.

We ended up snap-chatting each other back and forth a bit when they scored, and also when the goalie got sent off with an injury. I couldn’t stay for long though, so eventually I returned back to my shift.

At the end of the night, I kept refreshing the scored, and in the last minutes of the game, the Leaf’s scored another two points and broke the tie!!! And they won!!! I couldn’t help but squeal and do a little happy dance.

He snapchatted me a video of himself and how happy he was, it was ADORABLE. And he just texted me saying how he can’t wait for Ary to wear his jersey, LMAO. That should be very entertaining.

All in all, fantastic day. He’s in again tomorrow. I’m a little sad, because even though I get to see him, it also means I won’t see him for a while, yet again.

Today was good – it was refreshing. It helped me to remember that he’s an actual person, not some made up, hyped up figment of my imagination and heart. It’s easier to deal with my thoughts and emotions when there’s more reality to the situation.

I’m going to be patient with this. I have to be. Patience is the only thing that will soothe my overactive heart and mind. I’m not in any rush, and I need to remember that. Eventually, there will come a time where I can be honest with him. But that time just isn’t now. And I still have ways to go myself.

I’m glad I was more consistent with the eye contact today. Honestly, we could have been having a staring contest as far as I can tell. That’s how intense his gaze is. But really though, his eyes are just mesmerizing.

Anyways, that’s it for today! I’m glad that it turned out so good. Again, no expectations for tomorrow because you never know. But yeah… so far, so good. Hehe.

Until tomorrow!



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