Day 117 – April 27th, 2017

Hello! So today was a fantastic day spent at home. I gathered my courage and called Caroline and asked for reduced hours, and she agreed! Yay! I can keep both my jobs! Now to learn how to do both… let’s see how things go! I could use the money in all honesty.

Anyways, I read outside, got some sun, relaxed. It was really nice to just be on my own and enjoy my own company, I really love it so much.

I finished Brida and… I don’t know, I think I need to re-read the end. Like, I understand why she didn’t end up with her soul mate, I do. But in my heart, it’s what I wanted for her. So many people spend their entire lives searching for the person who will complete them in every way. How could Magus just let that go? I know that finding your soul mate is like finding a precious flower, a flower that cannot be possessed. The metaphor was that, if he held onto her, like picking a flower, it would die. Rather, a flower was something to be admired and loved without holding onto, so that it could thrive and live. And that’s a beautiful metaphor, it really is. But, couldn’t he still be with her without possessing her?! Couldn’t they come together, better one another, and rejoice in the fact that they found one another?

I guess in their case, Magus had more to teach others, he was chosen to be a teacher and to continue on that way. And Brida had found one of her soul mates, someone that SHE completed in every way. And she loved him, and he accepted her for everything that she wanted and everything that she was.

Still. The eternal romantic in me pouted. It wasn’t the ending I was expecting, but it was the ending that was meant to be for them. I guess it was just that I saw a lot of myself in Brida, and I hoped for a happy ending for her… my own happy ending, I suppose. She did have a happy ending though, ultimately – she completed her ceremony, received her gift, and was still with a man who was one of her soul mates who would always be with her and make her happy. She saw the light that shone in his eyes.

Speaking of, that light… I’m so, so intrigued. I want to tap into those things, even though they kind of scare me. I want to see the point of light over my soul mate’s left shoulder, I want to see this “light” in the eyes of the person I was meant to find in this life. This is the most self-aware and conscious I’ve ever been in my life so, maybe, just maybe, I’m on that path? One can only dream.

Reading Paolo Coelho’s words is a magic in itself. I felt like I entered another world, it was almost trance-like. I love, love the way he writes, the way he spins his tales. Omg, Santiago was in this book! Brida and Magus’ paths crossed over with Santiago’s, which I thought was an absolutely beautiful part of this book. It made my soul happy.

Just like The Alchemist, this book brushed by my soul, light as a feather but with the weight of the world.

I can’t wait to read the others! I’m so happy right now, with everything that is entering into my life. I want to keep all of this positivity going, as I continue to eradicate the negativity from my life.

Anyways! I think that’s all for today. I have the urge to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, because Olivia is in Disney World and she snap-chatted me the ride, LOL. How I adore that movie franchise. It started my deep love of all things freedom and life lived to the fullest at the young age of eleven. Maybe I was a pirate’s wife in another life, LOL! Who knows.

I’m excited for work tomorrow! I have a great feeling about this weekend. Looking forward to everything these days are bringing! I’ll write after my shift. Until then,

Love always and all around,


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