Day 159 – June 8th, 2017

Hello, hello!  Yet another absolutely beautiful day today! It’s finally starting to feel like summer, thank goodness.

So, yesterday’s second training shift went better than the first, if that’s even possible! I’m really, really liking this job! I’m enjoying this fast pace, I’m enjoying how much I have to use my brain (although I do forget things here and there, got to work on that), and I’m enjoying how much I get to talk to people! Everyone’s so nice, it got to the point that some of my coworkers already started calling me adorable and giving me hugs, because of how excited I was just to be working, LOL. I love it!

The girl who started with me is a little bit nervous, but I was there, I totally understand how that feels. I feel like she has it in her to do so well with it though, and I know she will. She’s really, really nice and friendly, and we actually get along so well! After our shift yesterday, we finished a little early so we sat down together to eat and talk. I’m glad that she started with me, so that I have someone I can kind of lean on as we move forward together.

I’ve got one more shift tonight, and then I’m off from this job until next week. Hopefully I don’t forget everything I learned LOL. I’m sure I won’t. Oh and! I finally ran into Caroline yesterday. (She hadn’t responded to my texts about quitting and wishing her well so I wasn’t quite sure where we stood). But, to my relief, everything was good between us and she was just happy that I stayed, even if it was in a different capacity. And, she got her promotion, just like I wished for her! I was really happy to hear that, because she truly deserved it. All in all, great vibes all around yesterday, no worries what so ever.

I think that’s about it for today! I’m going to enjoy the rest of my morning and early afternoon, maybe outside on the patio with my book and some meditation.

I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to write tomorrow or even Saturday, because I’m going to go to Leila’s right after I finish work tomorrow, and then I’m sleeping over and going straight from her’s to work on Saturday! Actually, maybe I’ll write my logs on my phone while I’m both on my way there and on my way back! Make use of the commute that way.

Until tomorrow then!

Lots of love,


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