Day 165 – June 14, 2017

Hello! Okay so, today turned out absolutely perfectly perfect. Let’s start from the beginning:

So I woke up early and headed to my second job for my early shift today. It went well for the most part, but in all honesty I did step on a couple toes here and there, but I don’t particularly care. And I don’t mean that in a vindictive, indifferent way – I mean in the sense that, I’m not letting it stress me out or make me feel bad. Like, one of the servers lectured me pretty hard but it’s constructive, you know? I’m going to make mistakes, and this is how I learn. I can’t control everyone else’s reactions, I can’t make people like me and I really don’t care to. So, it is what it is.

Man, the old me would have been so stressed out and upset over such small things like that. I went up to that server later and personally apologized, but that’s the extent of it. I left it all there when I left the restaurant.

Overall, it was a great shift though!!! I seated this retired chiropractor who I ended up in a lengthy conversation with, and he ended up fixing my left arm! I hadn’t even realized that it was still damaged from my accident, but he was able to tell right away by doing a few small tests. It was incredible! I love that I get to meet such amazing new people in this job, really.

And, I finally got a chance to thank Nate today for giving me another shot, so I was happy. He was glad I stayed on too, and understood that where you can’t do well at one thing, you can definitely excel at another.

From the start of this week, I had this feeling that I would be able to leave around 3 pm today, even though my shift was scheduled to end at 5. And, it wasn’t the kind of shift that you get cut from – when you open, you are there definitively from 10 to 5. The girl I was training with even told me so during my shift. Nevertheless, I set reminders in my phone’s task list to go off at 3 pm; I just, had this feeling. And guess what?

About half way through my shift, a leader approached me to let me know… that I would be finished my shift by 3. How crazy is that eh!!?!? I willed it so much in my head. I wanted to leave by 3. (Also because I knew that Dylan’s shift started at 3 and I wanted to go visit, as I promised). I just knew, deep down, that I would. Man, listening to my intuition and manifesting my intentions never ceases to blow my mind. It’s just crazy, how much we’re capable of when we’re really in tune with ourselves. And, I still have so far to go!

Anyways, I got out of my uniform and dressed up in the cute little outfit I chose this morning before my shift ended, and then I happily left. When I got to my regular workplace department, Dylan was already there, looking super tan and ridiculously hot. But he was also engrossed in a conversation with someone and I didn’t want to interrupt, so I went to go talk to my coworkers instead. As I walked into the department, Diego did that thing where a guy bites his fist when a girl looks good? I love that move, I have no idea why! But either way, he confirmed that I chose a great outfit for my “spontaneous” visit to the department, LMAO.

I went into my work space to pick up some client files so that I could call some people (since our VIP event is this Friday), and after a little while, he headed over to come say hi. Once again, I couldn’t help the insanely huge smile that appeared on my face as he approached me. I went around my counter and gave him a huge warm hug hello.

I ended up staying in the department for a good hour and a half or so, just talking to him and catching up. We talked about his trip, and he told me a funny story about a soccer player that he hit it off with there, all the celebrities he met, my tattoo, his upcoming tattoo, a super scary thing that happened to Mary and I recently. I think I may have hugged him goodbye twice, by accident. I was about to leave, and then I ended up staying longer to show him my tattoo, is why. I even ended up leaving some of my stuff behind in the department when I left, LOL! I was so distracted by how amazingly green and bright his eyes looked against his perfectly golden tan, sigh.

Oh and! I let him know about the confirmed cottage dates, and he said he was definitely coming for sure!!!! AHHHHH!!

And the cherry on top of this perfectly perfect day?

Luna was nights, so her and Dylan started talking about the cottage after I left. And, he was telling her that he was planning on bringing his fishing gear so that he could fish while we were at the cottage. When Luna asked him if he was going to go fish on his own, he said that he was actually thinking of taking ME so that he and I could go fishing together!!!!!!!!!!! (Cause we’ve had the conversation where we both found out the other loves fishing. Actually, sometime in March, we planned to go fishing together this summer as it was!)

HOW CUTE! I nearly passed out when she excitedly called me to tell me, LOL. I’m like lowkey so scared to jinx any of this though, like it’s all too good to be true!!!! Imagine us, out on the lake together, nothing but a calm breeze over the water and us talking about anything and everything, while fishing? Literally, my ideal version of a perfect romantic moment. Sigh. We’ll see!

Anyways, that’s about it for today. I’m feeling fantastic. This summer is off to an absolutely amazing start so far, and I can hardly wait for whatever else it will bring!

Also, my family and I had an amazing barbeque today, first one of the summer. And just sitting outside, reading on our patio swing and just enjoying the weather? Man. It was lovely. I’m so truly content and just, happy.

So tomorrow, I have a quick shift at my new job, and then I’m back at my regular job for the rest of this weekend! And, I’m really looking forward to it because Dylan’s going to be in all weekend with me. More opportunities for great conversations and just, getting to know him. I can’t wait.

This book I’m currently reading right now, “Who Says You Can’t Do? You Do!” is so incredibly powerful and well-written. Literally every phrase, suggestion, idea, opinion or tidbit of wisdom is so relevant and poignant. I feel like I have to read it in small increments because it’s just a lot to take in sometimes. But something I read recently that really stuck with me, is how we have the power to shape our beliefs.

It’s true! Here’s a small example: there was this one moment when I was running food from upstairs to downstairs at Joey’s. And one of the plates was insanely hot, burning my fingertips to the point of incessant pain. But, there wasn’t anywhere to put the plates down. I had no choice but to keep going. And everything in me was screaming, but there was this voice in my head yelling just a little bit louder: “you can do this! YOU CAN DO THIS! Just keep going!” So, I listened to that voice, and I made it to the table without dropping both plates.

Our minds and our willpower is so much stronger than we are aware of, than we give credit to. I want to know just how far I can push myself, how far I could go, if I truly believed.

I can’t wait to keep reading this book! I feel like I’m discovering so many different truths at once, truths that are hidden to those who remain on “autopilot” throughout their days.

Well, that’s about it for today! I’ll write tomorrow once I get home from my shift. Until then!



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