Day 177 – June 26th, 2017

Helllooooooo! I’m on a plane! Thousands and thousands of miles up in the air, on my way to Las Vegas. I’m ON THE PLANE and I STILL can’t believe that I’m on my way! It still hasn’t sank in yet! LOL.

So I’ve had like 2-3 glasses of wine and I’m feeling fucking fantastic. I can’t wait to travel some more on my own! Maybe one day, I’ll actually go somewhere by myself, like how Adelaide does. I definitely think I’m smart and brave enough to do so.

The reason I drank so much wine is because I’m scared that the pain from the pressure in my head and ears is gonna be really bad, and I’m hoping the alcohol will dull some of the pain because I forgot to pack painkillers in my actual carry-on bag. It’s fine though. The pain is usually only momentary anyways. Nothing I can’t handle.

So I spent like 3 hours out of this 4 hour flight just reading through my logs, from the beginning of this year. Six months of memories, growth, laughter, emotions, thoughts, you name it. It’s so, so nice to have all of it documented, reflected back at me. I couldn’t be prouder of who I am in this moment right now, despite everything. I’ve honestly come so far, and I would have never imagined this year progressing on the pathway that it has. I’ve been creating such an amazing reality for myself, and I would like to continue to do so, for sure.

I’m actually extremely tipsy, and I’m hoping that I’m gonna be able to make it off of this plane okay, LMAO. I’m trying so hard not to burst out laughing, Jesus.

My battery is slowly dying and I didn’t think to bring my external. So I have to cut this short. I’ll either add to this log once I land, or write tomorrow!! I already have so much to write about though, which I’ve made note of. So excited for this new adventure!!!!!

Until then,



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