Day 178 – 183 – June 27th to July 2nd, 2017

Hello!! Okay so, I honestly didn’t get a chance to write anything at all while I was away in Vegas, but I did make some short notes that I can elaborate on in this log.

Whoa, I did not mean to get right into it like that. What I meant to start off with was, HI, I’M BACK! LOL.

I landed last night (Saturday) just in time for some Canada lovin’ (it’s the 150th birthday of Canada, LOL). It’s good to be back, but man I miss Vegas. It was so, so much fun and such a crazy experience! It all feels like a dream now. I have so, so much to cover in this log – my trip, my current thoughts and feelings regarding a couple matters, and how I just enrolled for school and how happy and proud of myself I am! So I’ll start with my trip and head into the other stuff. I feel so lazy, but this log is going to be a doozy (I have a lot to catch up on), and I don’t want to slack on my keeping up with myself.

Let’s begin with the very start of this trip: I was SOOO excited to be travelling on my own for the first time ever, and I ended up getting stopped by customs for a very thorough security check, LMAO. I was so, so nervous and scared since I was by myself, (and everyone else in the room with me happened to be brown). But, everything ended up being okay! One of the guards even complimented me, LOL. Unbelievable.

I had a bottle of wine on the plane (courtesy of the kind gentleman sitting next to me), so the plane ride was quick and painless, thank goodness.

I mean, I guess I don’t particularly want to go into depth for every particular moment because, overall, the experience was amazing in itself. It was one giant amazing memory, comprised of small little things. But, I’ll high light some of the little things that made it extraordinary:

The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon was definitely a sight to see! There was a cliff edging in part of the Grand Canyon that looked like an eagle, and it was a natural occurrence too. To stand so close to the edge and know that death could be imminent with even one wrong step, made my head spin! It was such an incredible experience. And, at the Hoover Dam, I snap chatted Dylan a picture of it and drew in the All Spark with a funny caption, just like I imagined I would. And he liked it so much that he screen-shotted it, LOL.

I learned how to play blackjack! I had some pretty amazing beginner’s luck at first, but then I learned a very valuable lesson towards the end of my trip: know your limits. Honestly though. I completely understand how tempting gambling can be now. That rush of winning? The adrenaline that comes from the risk? It has the true potential to be addictive. I won’t ever play like that, ever again.

Despite that though, it was a lot of fun playing the slots and learning black jack! We felt like ballers, getting free alcohol and playing with some really cool people.

Speaking of ballers, the best night of the week was definitely the night that we went out to the club – a promoter put us on a guest list for Hyde night club at the Bellagio (which is one of the nicest and fanciest hotels on the strip, and my personal favourite). We got in for free, got free drinks, and then it got even better – there was a super good looking guy in the biggest booth at the club, and Luna got a plan in mind to get us in there. We edged over real close to the booth and broke it down dancing, (I threw in some extra booty rolls HAHA). Eventually, I caught his eye and he came close to the velvet rope to talk to me. After a couple of minutes, he invited us in!!!!

Man. People were legit throwing money in the air!!!! We collected like sixty US bucks off the floor. It honestly felt so surreal, like out of a movie. We had so much fun dancing, the music was so good, and we got VIP bottle service for being in the booth. A girl even lost her top! Legit, when I say it felt like a movie, there’s literally no other way to capture the experience.

Okay so, in all honesty I’m a little tired and I’d like to just unwind for a little and it’s getting late and I have an early shift tomorrow so, I think I’m going to stop this here for now. I’ve got two shifts tomorrow, at each job, so it’s going to be a bit of a long day but it’s fine! I need the money in all honesty.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write tomorrow! Until then,



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