Day 195 – July 14th, 2017

Hello! So I finally finished “Who Says You Can’t Do”, and man, what a book! I’m so excited that I’ve finished it, because this means I can embark on a new journey with yet another book that has tons of things I’m meant to learn! I’m excited.

I’m definitely going to spend some time this summer re-reading the books that I have read though, because I want to reiterate the lessons I’ve learnt thus far, so that way they stick with me.

I don’t think I’ve got too much to add for this log, which is okay! I’ve got to start getting ready for work soon anyhow.

Ou, one thing I forgot to mention from yesterday that I found really cute: Dylan told me that in the first time in his years of living, he recently (and finally, after all this time) watched Pirates of the Caribbean!!! I was so shocked that he hadn’t watched ANY of them, ever. But, he was happy to tell me that he really enjoyed it and that he was intending to watch them all, which in turn made me really happy, heh. He was really excited to tell me about that too. Legit, we couldn’t stop talking to each other at some points, even when we both knew we were supposed to be working.

Anyways, he’s in again today and I’m planning on bringing him the book I just finished because he seemed quite eager to read it. Only thing is, I ordered it from Amazon and the pages are kind of falling apart but I mean, a book is a book. I don’t treat my books that way, I swear I don’t, but eh.

I love that all my books are travelling! Krystal recently took one to Grand Bend, Leila took one to Cuba, Lianna has The Alchemist with her somewhere, and soon Olivia will be taking some with her off to Goderich. I love that the knowledge that is enriching my life, is also enriching the lives of the people I care about. That makes me happy!

Well, that’s all for today! I’ll write tomorrow when I get a chance, probably after we drop off Olivia.

Man, it’s going to be weird having to get used to her being gone again. I’m going to miss her. I realized that I don’t laugh as much, when she’s gone. Le sigh.

Until tomorrow!



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