Day 200 – July 19th, 2017

Holy shit, we’re on the 200th day of this year!!! It feels like just yesterday when it was the 100th one, holy crap man time is passing by so, so fast! Even with me writing every day the way that I do, and writing everything down, it still feels like life is speeding by in a blur.

Day after tomorrow and we leave to the cottage! Ugh, what am I going to look forward to after this?! Sigh. It’s okay though, got to make the most of this summer while I can before I go back to school.

So, Nick never ended up messaging to let me know whether or not he was free so nothing happened, which is perfectly fine! I said I would go with the flow of the universe, which means we were not meant to meet up at this time. Can’t lie though, it did sting a little that he didn’t say anything at all. But I know him – he’s got a worse memory than me and also I know how busy the restaurant gets from Wednesday into the weekend. Either way, as I promised the universe and myself, I decided not to say anything because I’m not going to try to plan, push or force anything. Whatever happens, happens.

I don’t really know what I want to talk about right now. Oh! Sera came by to visit and Luna, Dylan, Sera and I went to lunch so that we could all catch up and it was so nice! Sera seems really at peace and content, so that made me really happy.

Okay so, I’ve got to address something that happened yesterday and today. I ended up messaging Bianca and Bethany to let them know where everyone stood in regards to friendship (or lack thereof) and how things would be at the cottage if they did decided to come. Everyone concluded that they were at a place of closure and that a friendship would no longer be outwardly pursued any longer, since life has gone on. I myself said that I would always be there if they needed advice or help, but that I felt the same way, that things had come to their organic end. Man, the amount of breaking up I’ve had to do this year.

So, I’m feeling a little melancholy tonight but tomorrow is a new day!

I just have to get through one more shift, and then I’ll be off to one of my favourite places in the world! I cannot wait. I definitely need this little getaway.

I’ll write tomorrow, maybe after my shift! And I’ll try to find some time to write logs on my phone while I’m there so that I can remember everything. Until then!



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