Day 222 – August, 10th, 2017

Okay so, a crazy thing ended up occurring today, after all…

…I’m going to Grand Cayman Islands, end of September.

It still doesn’t feel real yet, because I need, need to know what my syllabi is going to look like for all my courses come September. If this trip crosses with anything major that I can’t reschedule, I’m going to have to get a refund for the trip. I’m going to feel so bad, because this whole trip is riding on me because of my mom’s discount. But once again, and as always: “what’s meant to be, will be”. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

But man. What a trip it would be. The Cayman Islands have some of the best beaches in the entire world, known for their amazing snorkeling, diving, and their stunning Crystal Caves. It would be a trip of a lifetime. Not to mention, a trip like that would cost close to $2000 dollars regularly. We’re only spending about $800, because of the cheap plane ticket and my mom’s hotel discount.

I want this so badly. I want to snorkel again, submerge myself in a world full of brilliantly coloured fish and coral reefs. I want to relax on the beach, on the purest of white sands while I gaze out at the most crystalline, jewel-toned turquoise blue I’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing in my lifetime. I really and truly hope that this trip was meant for me.

So I spent a majority of this day being consumed by that, but for the other parts of this day, I sat outside and got some sun, watched Gossip Girl, I went shopping with my mom, and pretty much ate everything in sight LOL. I mean, it wasn’t THE most productive day off, but it was nice.

I did some arts and crafts though! I made pretty flower clips for my mom and I tomorrow, because we’re going to a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed bridal shower party, and we have to dress up in floral patterns and be floral-y. I love dressing up, so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon! And I get to do my mom’s makeup too, which will be a treat for me.

Can’t believe it’s already August 10th. How?! It feels like July was literally just yesterday! Man, this year is hurtling by so fast. But, I really do believe I’m making the most of it, thus far.

Alright well, I believe that’s about it for today! Tomorrow I’ve got an early shift, and then I’ll be coming straight home to get ready for the party. Oh, and I’m hoping Dylan’s in tomorrow, so I can bring up the whole movie thing. We’ll see!

We’ve been texting here and there throughout this week – he messaged me to tell me about how Milan backed out of the Thailand trip, but that his other best friend was down to go to Hawaii with him in February instead, so we ended up talking about that for a little while! And then I ended up texting him today, asking him which he’d choose if he had to choose between Costa Rica or Cayman Islands, to which he offered his input.

I’m glad that we text a little bit, but not often. Like I think it’d be weird if I did the whole “I like you” speech and didn’t make a slight bit of effort to talk sometimes, right? But note to self though: no more overthinking. Just, be you, and go with the flow. And for the love of all things holy – BE. PATIENT.

Anyways, that’s all for today! Should be a good weekend I believe!

Oh, oh one last thing! I’ve been meditating a lot more often than I used to, and I think it’s really helping! I meditate right before I go to bed, so my quality of sleep has definitely been improving a lot since I’m much more relaxed. But even overall, I’m really glad that it’s becoming more of a regular thing! It’s so important to me to stay centered, calm and happy.

Off to bed for me now! I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to write tomorrow what with work and then the party, but I should definitely get a chance before my night shift on Saturday, if anything. So, until then!



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