Day 235, 236, 237 – August 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 2017

Hello! I haven’t written for the past couple days because I’ve been working double shifts back to back at each job for the past couple days and literally, once I got home, I would go right to sleep, wake up and do it again… and I LOVED IT. I felt amazing, so engaged and enthralled by the capabilities I unearthed over the past couple days. Especially at Joey’s – this is probably the most days I’ve worked in a row since I’ve started and I did really, really well!

I’ve got to backtrack though and talk about what I’ve missed since Tuesday, as it’s now Friday night.

So Leila and I went to go get her tattoo and it turned out so amazingly well! And she posted it on Instagram with a caption that was absolutely perfect – about the true essence of letting go, and the powerful nature behind our shared quote. Honestly, I’m so blessed to have such an equally self-aware best friend who’s on the same pursuit of positivity and conscientiousness that I am.

I ended up touching up my Roman numeral tattoo, and then we went off to have some delicious ramen. It’s so funny – even though we were together for hours, I’m so used to like spending a full day with her (and night), that those couple hours felt too short in comparison LOL! But it just goes to show how lucky I am – it’s not often you can find someone with whom you can spend an entire day with and not get tired of.

That was my amazing Tuesday, and I’ve been working every day since. I’m so amazed at how much energy I still had when I got home at the end of each day. While my body needed sleep (of course), my mind felt alert and energized despite the long hours of each shift. I feel amazing! I’m so in awe of how things can change once you start changing your perceptions and changing the direction of your energy towards your self.

So here I am, finally at the end of this week. Tomorrow, I shall be leaving to a cottage in a beautiful area full of nature, peace and serenity, and I can’t think of a better way to end off this summer. I’ll be surrounded by family, and finally taking a break from working as hard as I have been, and I can definitely say that I have earned this. I can’t wait!

A part of me still doesn’t quite believe that summer’s finally coming to its end, but I’m sure that this weekend will help greatly. It’ll be a nice way to say goodbye to this amazing chapter of my year.

I’ve got to go pack now and bed is calling my name (especially since we have to be up by 6 am tomorrow), but one last thing before I go.

I am this close to finalizing the plans for my new job change. I’ve gotten the green light from everyone who matters, and I’m just waiting for one more. The date for my last shift has even been picked!

I nearly teared up today, with the amount of sheer gratitude that flowed through my being. I just can’t believe that it’s possible for me to have everything I could have possibly hoped for! That old part of me that doubted when things got too good began to fret a little, but I truly have faith that everything will happen exactly as it’s meant to, and that the universe will always work in my favour as long as I do my part.

I’m going to continue to focus on maintaining this unshakeable faith in both myself and in the universe, as well as maintaining this resolute and boundless positive mentality that’s been doing me so well as of late. I can’t wait to learn more – I know I’ve only just begun, on this journey. And that thought excites me so much! I feel like I’ve already come so far and learnt quite a bit; what else does this universe have in store for me? What more do I have to learn? What wisdoms will I discover as I continue down this pathway? I’m so excited for it all.

Alright, I’ve got to pack real quick and then catch some shut-eye! I’m going to try my best to disconnect from my phone and technology and just really be present in the moment, and enjoy some quality time with my family, with nature, and with myself. I’ll write when I get back!

Here’s to this beautiful, ever-changing life.

Until then!

Love, love, love,


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