Day 246 – September 3rd, 2017

Hello, hello! And so ends what was a fabulous weekend, and a new week begins! I’ve got lots of good news for this log that I’m very excited about, and then I’m also going to take the time at the end of it to cross off what I’ve accomplished this summer. Let’s begin with yesterday’s shift!

It was pretty great –  my manager confirmed with me that I’m set to start demoing for October, so everything is utterly solidified now! I can’t believe it, but I can! They say when things that are “too good to be true” happen to you, it’s because you’ve earned it and you’re finally in the right place in your life, the place you were meant to be in, and so it’s okay to enjoy these occurrences. I intend to live by this! No more fearing life when things get “too” good – it takes away from the beauty of those moments.

Yesterday’s shift was also a lot of fun because Dylan and I once again spent at least 98% of the time we worked talking to one another, LOL. I told him all about the weird briefcase story and he listened super intently (I love how serious he looks when I’m telling him a story). We joked that there’s a demon in my house and I told him I would burn down my house if that was the case, and he said he’d help me do it. He also made me laugh because he thinks I secretly have superpowers, to which I told him I maybe did (as flirtily as I could) but I promised to not use them on him.

He told me yet another cool story that linked his jiu-jitsu to Hawaii; during his time in Las Vegas, he met some people who run a gym in Hawaii, and they also train on the beach! They took all of his info and he took theirs, and he’s intending to check them out when he goes to Hawaii in February. He said he knew I would appreciate how cool that occurrence was, and he was right – I was definitely in awe of the series of circumstances that was tied from his travels to his passions. He also told me he was looking into shark tank diving and that great white sharks were his biggest fear, and I was so curious as to why! He said it started when he was a kid, and I jokingly asked if he was scared of Jaws LOL.

All in all, I wasn’t the only one who noticed that he was consistently making an effort to talk to me yesterday – Luna noticed too! She was obviously keeping an eye on us, LMAO she kills me. She said that it seemed like it didn’t even bother him when I was around other people or supposed to be working, he’d still find some way to come up to me with some topic or other. I know it’s been months at this point, but it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to talk to him.

Which leads me to today’s shift! So some good news first: I’ve finally confirmed my driver’s lessons!!!!!!! After all of this time, I’m finally going to begin learning how to drive. And for the first time since I’ve wanted to do this, I’m actually excited!!!! I can’t wait to experience that level of independence, and to have my own car, and be able to go anywhere that I want whenever, without having to worry about commute times or how long it’d take to get to where I want to go.

And like, I’m so proud of myself for everything I’ve accomplished for myself this year, so far. Mostly everything I’ve set out to do this year, I’ve done, and it’s such an amazingly good feeling. I intend to apply the same motivation and determination when it comes to school.

So, back to today’s shift: when Dylan came in today, he looked super shook and kind of out of it, so I couldn’t help but ask if he was okay when I hugged him hello. And he was like, “I want to talk to you about something, but I don’t want anyone else to hear.” Curiosity piqued, I gestured towards the back of the department so that he and I could speak in confidence.

And he explained how whenever he and I talk about something weird, something weird usually ends up happening, and I immediately joked that it wasn’t my fault LOL. But he explained the weird thing that happened to him: basically, his mom’s boyfriend has kids, but Dylan and his brothers didn’t get along with them so Sera had to tell her boyfriend that he couldn’t bring his kids around anymore. Since then, Dylan hadn’t seen them in years, didn’t know what they looked like after all of that time, hadn’t even seen pictures of them. But, for some reason last night, he dreamt of them. And then this morning, when Sera’s boyfriend came over, he randomly asked Dylan if it would be okay if he and his son worked out with Dylan next Sunday.

So that’s why he was so shook this morning – he hadn’t seen them or thought about them in years, and all of a sudden he dreams of them (and was surprised that he remembered the dream at all, seeing as he never really remembers his dreams), and all of a sudden, Sera’s boyfriend creates an opportunity for them to see one another again.

I explained to him that stuff like that had been happening to me too lately, and that I no longer believed in coincidence. That literally everything happened for a reason, and that the more he became aware of these kinds of occurrences, the more he’d start to notice them happening.

The rest of the day was pretty much perfect; yet again, we spent a better part of our shifts just talking about absolutely anything. Like, he told me about how he finally finished Vampire Diaries the night before and we both agreed that we hated how whiny Elena got towards the end and that we were both kind of relieved when she left the show, LOL. The only thing we differed on was that I was team Damon and he was team Stefan (he said that all girls were team Damon, which made me die of laughter). And he said he would start Game of Thrones one day soon so I’m really excited for him! It’s hands down one of the best shows of this generation.

We talked about our favourite stuff, like how his favourite movie series is Lord of the Rings and Transformers, and how I grew up reading Harry Potter and how much I loved the saga and wanted to visit Universal Studios just to experience the HP world there. He told me he’s never watched a single Harry Potter movie except for “the one with the giant snake, which I hated since I was little”, LMAO. I told him he was lucky he said that he’s watched at least one of them, because I was this close to telling him we couldn’t be friends anymore.

We also talked about how I used to play Call of Duty like crazy before, and how he’s recently been playing a new beta version of the latest release and that he’s addicted. And throughout these conversations, I started teasing him a little more – like when he said that he was a giant nerd, I jokingly said, “was?” And when he told me he liked Play Station over Xbox, I told him I liked him a little less now, hehe.

I kind of feel like this weekend made me more comfortable around him, if that makes sense? It wasn’t too busy at work, so we just got so much time to really talk to each other about all kinds of stuff, but this weekend just seemed a little different, like in a good way! I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I sent him a cool article that Ryan sent me, on the nature of synchronicity and the meaning behind coincidences. It was very well written and even involved physics, which I immediately knew would appeal to him because he seems to be mostly logic-driven and rationality seems to appeal to him. And I was right – he loved the article, and loved that they referred to physics. Funny enough, I had only skimmed through the first half of the article at first before sending it to him, and turns out that there was a Paolo Coelho reference in it. Again, no coincidences, merely yet another synchronicity.

We talked about how he was a little nervous about returning to his old job, just because he had to re-learn the systems and get caught up with the training again. But he agreed with me, that it would definitely be a good change of pace for him. And working two jobs was pretty fun, for the most part! So I’m excited for him in that sense, I’m sure he’s going to do well with it all. Especially since he’s only got one class this year, he’s going to want to keep as busy as possible for sure.

Towards the end of the shift, I finally found a moment to let him know when exactly I was free this week, and we worked out that next Sunday works best for us both! And I was so proud of myself, I didn’t stumble over my words or get flustered at all! If anything, this weekend kind of prepared me to be more chill about it, thank goodness. I asked him if he was still down to watch a movie, which he was, and then we both wondered if Planet of the Apes was still in theaters or not since it came out in July. But then he said that when he checked last night(!!), he saw that it was still there. (He was checking movie times the night before?!?! Why dis!? I don’t want to get my hopes up, I mean he could have been checking for no particular reason at all but… still, hehe. I like the idea that maybe he was thinking about it last night and took it upon himself to look up the movie times).

So I said we could watch that if it was still in theatres by that Sunday, but I also suggested that if it wasn’t, that we could watch “IT”. And I was so surprised to find out he didn’t know what that was!! But, he loves scary movies (like me!! Although no one likes them as much as I do, nope) so he’s down regardless. So, we’re all set to watch “IT”, next Sunday, after he finishes work.

I’m SO, SO excited!! Finally, date number two LMAO. Literally a month later. But I’m not complaining in the slightest, because everything happens as it is meant to, when it’s meant to.

I like that we talked as much as we did this weekend. And, I like that when I was leaving at the end of my shift, he kind of got all flustery too – he was trying to figure out when we’d see each other next when I was saying goodbye, and it was so cute.

There was this moment that I wanted to touch upon that kind of scares me, but I guess in a good way? I don’t even want to admit it to myself in all honesty because a part of me feels like… it’s just, I’m just not ready to go there or acknowledge it I guess, not yet. But here’s what happened:

There was the most adorable baby that was in the department for a little while, a little blond boy with gigantic blue eyes and the cutest smile. And for a while, I was playing around with him and he was giving me tiny little high fives with his miniscule hand and I couldn’t even deal with the cuteness of this baby.

And a couple moments later when I walked away, and looked back, Naif was standing where I had been, and looking at the baby with the cutest smile and I just, like my heart literally melted into a puddle. It was so, so, so cute.

No, I’m not saying that this moment made me envision a whole life with this person and babies and whatever. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. But the way I felt in that moment, looking at him, realizing how many things I genuinely like about him as a person… yeah, that’s what scared me.

I still don’t know what’s going to happen with this, and while I’m proud of myself for taking initiative where I can to have a hand in my own fate, inevitably what is written is what’s going to occur. But I’m perfectly happy with the way that things are currently progressing, and I just want to go with that for now.

I know I said I would address the summer bucket list after talking about this weekend, but it’s now 1 am on Monday, September 4th and I am mad sleepy.

I have tomorrow morning to get organized, so I shall write that log then! For now, I just want to take this current weekend, day dream about it for a little, sleep, and throw myself into this new week. But honestly though… this weekend truly was perfect. I’m really happy. It’s nice to acknowledge that feeling.

Until tomorrow then! Goodnight!

Love, love, love,


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