Day 267 – September 24th, 2017

Hello! Well, it’s late Sunday night and I had the ultimate lazy Sunday. Everything that was supposed to happen today, didn’t – my driver’s instructor didn’t call and I didn’t remind him, so my lesson didn’t happen today (much to my relief), and we were going to go to the cottage today but it turns out someone else is already there so we didn’t go. So, I spent my day at home just doing absolutely nothing. I didn’t even feel like packing, LOL. So, so lazy! But like I never get to have days like today, so for once it was just to just do absolutely nothing. I even got to take a nap! I don’t remember the last time I took a nap. But it was fantastic.

So, what did I miss this past week that I’d like to talk about?

Let’s see… so earlier on in the week, Leila took me for some authentic Uyghur food somewhere close to her and oh my god. It was SO FUCKING GOOD. I was so, so excited to be trying food from her culture, and it made me so happy that she shared that with me. We had a lot of fun; we even went for dessert after at Go For Tea, and then I headed home. I honestly love that a huge aspect of our friendship entails our mutual deep love of food and being open to trying new things! And I love that she’s always taking me to somewhere new to try new stuff. We have the best friendship, hands down.

What else did I miss this week? Ah yes. My crazy driver’s lesson.

Long story short, my driver instructor thought it’d be a good idea to take me around the neighbourhood once… and THEN MAKE ME DRIVE ALL THE WAY OUT TO YORK. ON MY SECOND LESSON!!!!

I cannot begin to explain how surreal it was to be driving like any regular human being. Like stopping at red lights, making turns at major intersections (albeit muttering “oh dear god” under my breath multiple times) and interacting with other cars and pedestrians, all within my second lesson.

At one point, he was going to take me on the high way!!!!!!! But I refused, I was already in shock with driving for so long on regular roads and busy intersections.

I mean, I’m proud of myself, I really am! I actively faced one of my biggest fears without dying (although he did grab the steering wheel a couple times here and there, LMAO). It was just a lot to handle in one go. And now I have anxiety when I think about it because I’m still not quite used to the idea of driving yet, and I know I won’t ever be unless I continue to face my fear in that way – by diving in, not just dipping a toe in. Sigh.

I’m sure it’s all going to be fine. But I can’t lie, I’m glad I’m avoiding all responsibility for a little while (I’m leaving for the airport tomorrow at 3 am!!!) It’ll be nice to get away for a little bit.

Moving on! At the end of this week on the Friday, Olivia and I hung out with Bianca and Bethany! We went to this vegan place called Doomies and it was so incredible! The food was delicious, and literally everything there was vegan, which was very impressive. After Doomies, we all went to shisha for a while and we stayed out until about 1 in the morning, just catching up about everything we’ve missed and talking about current things. Despite how long it’s been since we’ve all hung out last, it felt absolutely natural, as though no time had passed. I’m glad that we’re all in a good place with one another, and that family feel is still there. We’ve all known each other way, way too long to let something like our relationships with one another go that easily, and I’m glad that we all realized it.

This week was a good week! I went to my classes, enjoyed my lectures, and now I’ve got to keep up with my readings for this week while I’m away. I’m going to bring my notes and my readings so that I can keep up during the down time of the trip, which I’m sure I’ll find time to do. I’m just glad that I won’t be missing any assignments or tests! We honestly picked a perfect week to go.

Ou and, last but not least! After that lovely Sunday last week, Dylan and I were pretty much texting continuously like every day, until about Friday I’d say. But it was the context of these conversations that made me really happy – at first, he was venting a little about the trip planning stress. But inevitably, everything worked out; he ended up booking plane tickets to Hawaii with two of his jiu-jitsu buddies!!!! I am so, so incredibly excited for him. He’s going around the same time that Luna, Lana and I went, incidentally! He’s going to have so much fun, and experience so much adventure! I was sending him pictures from my trip, like the things I saw and even the food we ate, and he was getting really excited about it all. He was asking me questions, like my opinion on some of the plans they were going to do such as staying two days at the north shore of the island, and such. I’m glad I was able to help out!

I even told him about my crazy driver’s lesson, and he said he was proud of me, (hehe). It was cute.

The conversation has kind of quietened down now, but it’s good! I like that we talked as much as we did during the week but, I also like that we both have our own thing going on and that we don’t text a lot a lot. Because then when we see each other, we have a lot to catch up on and talk about.

I can finally say, without a single doubt, that I finally love the pace at which this is going at. I can say that because the universe came through and gave me the little signs of reassurance that I needed, and I once again have complete faith in the fact that everything will happen as it’s meant to. I even have this beautiful sense of patience that I was struggling so hard to maintain before! I know that whatever will happen will be worth the wait, so all I feel is excited now. I’m truly in no rush whatsoever.

Once I come back from this trip (re-centered and at peace) I have to really sink into school mode. I know that’ll be a little challenging because October is already promising to be so, so much fun and also very busy with my new demo hours (at least I’ve let go of my second job though). OMG. WAIT. I FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT HOW I QUIT MY SECOND JOB THIS WEEK.

Long story short again – I walked in on Tuesday, and I told my manager that I won’t be able to work there anymore what with having returned to school full time! I know he was really sad, but he also assured me that whenever I wanted to come back, I could return at any time (which was so, so nice of him). So, tomorrow is my last shift with them for a long while to come. I’m sure I’ll go back one day though! I really liked working with them, and for them.

I kind of don’t want to work tomorrow so that I can get everything in order for this trip (as it’s my last full day before I leave), but also it’s my very last shift so I might as well go and make the most of it. And, at least it won’t be too long!

Well, that’s really about everything for this log. I’m going to try my hardest to write every day while I’m away in the Cayman Islands, so that I don’t forget a single detail of my trip! I definitely want to find time to read my book and also get back to meditating though, gain some clarity and inner peace before I return.

I have a really good feeling about the things to come, when I get back. I don’t know! It’s like this good sense of anticipation. October’s always the best month of the year for me, anyways. It’s going to be good!

Anyways, that’s all for tonight! I’ll write tomorrow, maybe after I’m all done packing, maybe while I’m at the airport! Who knows.

I’m so blessed and humbled to have travelled as much as I have this year. First to Hawaii, then to Las Vegas, and now the Cayman Islands. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been! Actually, everything I’ve accomplished for myself within this one year alone has been monumental. I can’t wait to go back and reflect about it all at the end of this year. But, there’s still about a hundred days left of this year, and that’s quite a bit! I intend to make each and every single one of them count.

Until my next log!

Love always,


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