Day 268 + 269 – September 25th & 26th 

Hello!! I’m currently thousands of miles up in the air, for the third time this year. The sunlight is pouring through the airplane window to the left of me, and I am surrounded by my friends – Jake and Lana, and Luna is sitting behind us dead asleep.

I can feel a contentedness in my heart, but also that tingle of excitement at the prospect of being able to travel once again. I can’t believe it! I’ve truly been so lucky and so blessed this year, and in this life.

Yesterday was Monday, and wow it feels like it’s so far away now and yet not. I worked my last shift at my second job, and man was it ever hard.

Both my regular manager and the General Manager tried to work out some way to keep me. My regular manager even came up to me at one point to hold my hand and ask me sincerely, how much I was getting paid at my other job. He asked with the every intention to match the pay, in order to convince me to stay, but when I told him I was now up to $20/h over there, he finally admitted defeat.

I can’t even begin to explain how lovely it is to be appreciated so deeply, to be fought for. My manager and I talked for a little, and he once again sincerely thanked me for all the work I put in. He explained that I had this radiant personality, that not only enhanced the guests experiences but also the staff as well, whenever I walked in the building. I wanted to cry LOL. It was truly so, so sweet of him.

Anyways, it was a bittersweet goodbye in the end. I have to go pick up my paycheque when I get back, so hopefully I’ll get to have that talk with the GM and tell him everything I want to say.

I want to thank him as sincerely as a I can – he believed in me at a time that I wasn’t so sure of myself and my capabilities. He told me he saw so much potential in me, the capacity to break through the glass roof I had created for myself, and this summer proved to me that he was right. This job, working both jobs actually, showed me just exactly what I could achieve when I set my mind to it. This summer has made me feel invincible, unconquerable. I feel like I could literally do absolutely anything in this life and do it well. And I owe a huge part of that to him – he gave me another chance, convinced me to stay, when he easily could have let me walk away. So I would like him to know the impact that his decision and his words had on me.

Anyways, we’re beginning our descent into our stopover in Miami now!!!! Universe, thank you. Thank you for everything. I am so humbled, so grateful, so blessed and so happy for everything you have delivered to me this year. I know a part of that was me too, but still. I’m proud of myself, and I’m thankful to you.

I can’t wait to explore this new country, these islands. I can’t wait to adventure, to swim with sting rays, explore beautiful crystal caves, to watch the sunset over the ocean, to snorkel with hundreds of brilliantly coloured fish.

I love life, and I love me, and I’m so in love with every beautiful aspect that this life entails, good to bad. Here’s to living life as beautifully, adventurously and fully as possible!

I’ll write soon!



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