Day 279 – October 6th, 2016

I’ve only just taken in that it’s my favourite month of the whole year! It didn’t really feel that way because the weather was so nice at first, but there’s this really nice chill in the air, now that it’s the evening and the sun’s gone down. I can’t believe how quickly October has come! Like my birthday is in less than two weeks but it doesn’t feel that way. Wow, has this year ever flown. 24 has been such a good year for me, I can’t wait to see what 25 will bring!

I am proud, blessed and humbled to be able to say that I’ve lived for a quarter of a century. I used to obsess and stress about getting older, but now I thrive on it. I am lucky to be able to see another day. Most people don’t live to take another breath. So, I am thankful for each and every year that I am given on this earth. And, I’m no longer in any rush to some imaginary finish line, so my age no longer feels like a death-stamp. More so just a collection of beautiful memories and incredible experiences, and tons of lessons learnt.

Today was a good day! I went to class and it turns out we were watching a movie, so that was fun. And my work shift went by rather slowly, I’ll admit (especially since a certain someone I enjoy talking to quite a bit was not present, sigh) but nonetheless it was a good shift! I made some sales towards to end, which made me happy because for a little while there I was beginning to worry that I wasn’t quite cut out to be a demo, LOL. I definitely need to work on having more faith in myself when things get a little testy.

It’s going to be a short log today, but I just wanted to get back into the habit of writing every day, especially when I have quiet little moments like this.

Before I go though! Luna came over to me today because she had something to tell me, and the first thing she said was “don’t get mad” LMAO. So, I prepared myself and waited for what she had to say, albeit rather nervously.

So she admitted that she had gotten quite impatient on my behalf in regards to Dylan, and she couldn’t resist asking Sera yesterday about Dylan’s thoughts on me, (LMFAO SHE KILLS ME).

The first thing I said back was, “omg if it’s bad please don’t tell me I don’t want to know”. Especially since I know Sera and Dylan are very, very close and I know that Sera is also very honest as well, so I was kind of hesitant. Also because she’s been keeping very quiet about this whole thing, so you know, I automatically assumed the worst. BUT, much to my delight and surprise, it was good!

Sera told Luna that Dylan adores me, and that he thinks very highly of me (AW!). And this made Luna happy, but it still wasn’t enough! So she asked Sera how he feels about me. (At this point, my heart started racing).

BUT – they were interrupted by a customer, RIGHT as Sera was about to reply. Phew!

It’s not that I don’t want to know, of course I do! But, a big part of me wants to hear it from him. Even if it ends up being something I don’t want to hear, like that he’s not into me (wow, it’s interesting how I’m still trying to protect myself from keeping my expectations low). BUT, if it turns out to be good, if he does end up having feelings for me, then yes, I’d love to hear that from him. And whenever he’s ready, at his own pace. I’m in no rush.

I think very highly of him too, and above all I respect both him and Sera very deeply. And yes, I adore them both too. (That little bit of info made me really, really happy so I can only imagine how I’d react if he ended up telling me that he liked me after all, oh boy).

They’re both back in tomorrow! I love working when they are. I’ll finally get the chance to give Dylan his gift (I forgot yesterday because I was so distracted, I blame him and his gorgeous smile). And, I’m hoping I can ask him when he thinks he’s free for the whole axe-throwing thing, because I actually think that’d make a really cool date. I like that he’s so unconventional, and daring and adventurous, like me! It’ll definitely keep things interesting as time goes on. We’ll see what’s in store for me in regards to this! I can’t shake the feeling that this month, things are going to progress in a really, really good way. We’ll see!

I’m going to a family party after work tomorrow so if I don’t get a chance to write after that, I’ll write on Sunday since I’ll be off from work! Until then!

Love, love, love,


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