Day 306 – November 2nd, 2017

Hello! It was a hella busy day, and I have to sleep ASAP. But as promised, I am typing a log, however short it will be.

It was a great day! I went to class, I started a new book on the nature of coincidences (which has been astoundingly incredible so far, I’m already half way through), and I helped Luna with her amazingly successful VIP event today. It was so nice to go back into work – I’ve missed everyone! I miss everyone’s character and personality and just being around them, since I’m not at work as often as I used to be.

And this evening, I spent the rest of my time quite literally organizing every moment of how I’d like my weeks to pan out, from meditation to work outs to studying. I’ve always known that I had to work on my time management, so it’s about time I start (haha, punny).

Anyways, I’ve got class tomorrow (and a midterm, which I DID study for!) and then another work shift and VIP event for my own company this time. And I think after that, I’ll be spending some time with the family friends in Brampton so that’ll be nice! I’m also looking forward to yet another busy weekend full of work – I got a double shift coming up Saturday, a podium shift on Sunday, and another double Shift Monday. It’s gonna be a busy next couple days, so I definitely have to find some time to meditate and center myself when I can. Looking forward to keeping busy though!

I’ll write tomorrow morning because I know for sure that I won’t be able to keep my eyes open after the family party. So until then!



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