Day 320 – November 16th, 2017

Okay, I’m on a bit of a time crunch because it’s late and I have an appointment with my counsellor early tomorrow morning that I got to wake up for. But, I simply can’t sleep without writing down the HUGE synchronicity that I experienced today, because it was astoundingly beautiful.

Before my work shift today, I decided to get some Starbucks so that I would have energy throughout the duration of my shift. When I look back at how everything played out now, it’s so amazing to see how literally every single moment happened exactly as it was meant to, in order for this moment to manifest.

Even the smallest of occurrences: as I was searching for tables to sit at, one cleared up but an older couple managed to snag it before I could. However, this left a single stool available for me to sit at, next to another girl who was on the phone.

As I settled into that stool, I overheard snippets of the girl’s conversation; she seemed to be super on edge, and she was venting to whomever was on the other side of the phone call about something or other.

I began to read my book (currently delving into “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle), and paid no more attention to her conversation.

Within a couple moments however, I felt her trying to get my attention.

I looked up from my book, as friendly as you please. And to my delight, she asked me what my book was about and how it was helping me, if it was.

I was more than happy to explain: so far, “The Power of Now” has been outlining how one should separate themselves from the incessant stream of thoughts that we tend to identify with, and that a lot of our unhappiness and discontent stems from our inability to live in the present moment.

I also recommended “The Untethered Soul” to her, because she spoke on how she felt she was in a place in her life where stress was ruling her. I mentioned how that particular book touched upon letting anger pass through you, as opposed to holding onto it, and we both laughed because she said that sounded like exactly what she needed to read.

I was so, so happy. I told her that exactly one year ago, I was in the same place that she was, seeking guidance externally in order to heal myself internally. I was more than happy to recommend those books to her, the same way that other people have recommended these books to me, and changed my life.

But this beautiful synchronicity didn’t just end here.

After a couple moments, I went back to my book and I noticed that a gentleman sat on the other side of this girl and that they began conversing. Once again, I began to tune out to read, but then I overheard the gentleman say something that immediately piqued my curiosity:

“…and I was dead for 35 minutes.”

I immediately looked up from my book once more, to listen to what this man was saying. And this was his story:

He had been playing basketball with his friends when he had a sudden and severe heart failure. His friends and teammates immediately began performing CPR on him, for approximately 15 minutes until the paramedics arrived. But it was taking so long that even his teammates got to the point where they were about to accept that he was gone, and stop trying. “He’s dead”, they even said.

Once the paramedics arrived, they began to use the electronic defibrillator on him, hoping to jumpstart his heart once again. They made sure he was still receiving oxygen to his brain (because without it, there could have been severe brain damage). After two shocks, there was still nothing. But… the paramedic gave it one last try. The gentleman’s body lifted up off of the ground at this shock, and a pulse suddenly became felt.

This man was in a coma for about two weeks, and then he finally woke up. And when he did, he did have a bit of damage to his brain; while his long-term memories were still intact, his short-term memories weren’t doing so well. For example, if he were to meet someone and talk to them for a while to tell them a story and they left the room and came back, he wouldn’t have remembered meeting OR talking to them, and would re-introduce himself and tell the same story over again.

Eventually over time, his memory improved, but he still experienced moments where he would do something and five minutes later there would be a gap in his memory because he’d forget what he’d just done.

When the conversation between the girl and this man seemed to be at a pause, I couldn’t help but lean over to ask the gentleman a question: how did his experience change his perspective on life? What was different?

The man chuckled lightly. I know it was a weighty question: what wouldn’t change when someone had a brush that deep with death!? But I had to ask.

He explained that he realized to not sweat the small stuff: to not stress over things that were not in his control.

At this point, the girl sitting in between us exasperatedly asked how this was possible, to “not stress”.

Both the gentleman and I myself had the same answer: “everything is a choice”.

We both explained to her that every reaction we have is a choice. Our perceptions are a choice. Our judgements, our decisions, all choices. The man gave an example: before his experience, he used to have a lot of “road rage”. Afterwards, he could easily sit in traffic and not be bothered whatsoever because he could actively make the choice to not react, to not stress.

When we realize that absolutely everything is a choice and that we are, in fact, in control of ourselves, then we can begin to consciously change our habits.

The girl sitting in between the gentleman and I was in awe: she commented on how it was amazing that she was sitting in between the two of us, me with my book and that gentleman with what he experienced.

I explained that there was no such thing as coincidence: the girl was obviously at a time in her life where she was seeking guidance from the universe, and that is why she sat where she sat when she did. Her intentions were manifesting. It was no coincidence the way things played out so that I’d end up sitting right beside her, with the very book I was reading, at that very moment. Same goes for that gentleman.

The gentleman introduced himself to us, his name was Lloyd. And then the girl turned to me and asked for my name which, I gave. And then I asked for hers. And when she told me, it was finally my turn to be shook.

Her name was Olivia – my sister’s name.

Olivia is at the same point in her life right now, where she is seeking external guidance in order to begin healing herself internally. She’s also turning to herself for once, in order to improve and uplift her current state of being.

I was completely in awe of this synchronicity.

I wanted to stay and keep talking to them both, but my time was up; it was time for me to head to work, so I knew my part in that moment had been completed and it was time for me to go.

WOW. Wow. I’m honestly so in awe of this universe. So completely thankful that I get to experience moments like these. Truly, we are infinite. We are boundless, limitless energy and potential.

Anyways, that’s the moment I wanted to document for today. But, I do have so, so much I need to catch up on in regards to myself; I still have to talk about the conversation with Elizabeth. I also have to talk about how Dylan and I spoke briefly, recently, about how he’s coming back to work next week, and my thoughts on that.

I’m also going to have to write about my appointment with my counsellor tomorrow. And then I have an amazing weekend coming up: the basketball game with my best friends, and then the hockey game right after.

No matter what, I have to, HAVE TO make time for these logs!!! It’s so important to stay up to date and connected with myself. Hopefully, I’ll find a quiet moment tomorrow, in between all of my obligations.

I know I should be focusing more on the beauty of my present moments, but I can’t help but be excited for all that is to come.

Anyways, off to bed I go!

Until tomorrow!

Love always,


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