Day 326 – November 22nd, 2017


So, yesterday turned out to be a surprisingly good day after all.

Guess who was back to work?

If you guessed Dylan, you are… incorrect.

KIDDING, yeah he was. (why am I like this).

LOL, anyways! When I walked into work yesterday, I immediately noticed that he was near the Dior counter but instead of going to say hi, I went over to Sharon to say hi since she was heading out. (And also to give myself a moment to process that he was back, which I wasn’t expecting).

A part of me doesn’t want to do the whole detailed narrative of this shift or my day, but I have this strange propensity to write about the occurrences of my life as though it’s a story so… yeah. Why stop now, right? Not to mention it’ll give a proper context to my thoughts afterwards, as well as when I re-read these things years from now (when I’m a certified cat lady, hee hee).

He ended up leaving the department to go on break at that exact moment and hadn’t seen me, so I was given more time to settle into my shift and catch up with my other co-workers.

After a while, he came back but I was in the midst of talking to a really eccentric customer who seemed as though he didn’t want to leave. But, when Dylan noticed I was standing there and made eye contact with me, he gave me a massive smile (which immediately made my heart skip a beat).

The customer wouldn’t leave and another co-worker joined the conversation (a conversation I was trying to extricate myself from so that I could say hi to Dylan). And it was pretty cute; in my peripheral vision, I watched as Dylan approached but the co-worker was in the way and he consequently turned back around and walked away, unable to get through.

After a while, the eccentric customer left and he was finally able to come over and say hi. As he approached me, I heard Luna in the background saying, “he’s been waiting to say hi to you!” and he actually agreed as he hugged me hello.

And that was it – it didn’t take more than a few moments after that for us to get right back into our same old consistent and non-stop flow of conversation. It almost felt as though no time had passed since we’d seen each other last, was how natural it felt. At least, that’s what it felt like to me.

We caught up on the basic stuff, like school and life – his school was finally off strike and he was heading back, and I’m heading into midterms next week as it’s my last week of class.

He told me about his first shift back yesterday; within the first half hour, he already wanted to leave. Daniella ended up snapping at him quite rudely for a misunderstanding, which left him shook. He confided in me that he didn’t see her the same way anymore and spent the rest of his shift not really talking to her. Poor guy. First shift back and he already experienced the toxicity I literally just wrote about a couple logs ago.

I told him that despite the fact that we worked with plenty of adults, it seemed as though no one actually knew how to really act according to their age, which was unfortunate. And he agreed, stating that it seemed as though he and I were probably the most mature people in the department despite being some of the youngest.

After that we talked a lot about travel because I’m trying to figure out where I want to go next and he was helping me to brainstorm. He liked the fact that I don’t want to go to the same place twice; I have this thing where if I’m going to travel, I want to see as many countries as I can. As much as I would love to re-visit some of the places I’ve been to, I won’t go back without good reason.


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