Day 334 – November 30th, 2017

Hello, hello. Okay so technically it’s very late, (or super early) right now but I didn’t want to sleep without typing a little log because I know tomorrow is going to be insanely busy, and I won’t get a chance.

I had an amazingly good day today – I had my exam, I had a session with Nadia that was really eye-opening, and then I had a great work shift.

During my session with Nadia, I was able to talk about my family, Dylan, and I also learnt more about myself and why I’m attracted to the types of guys I’m attracted to (namely, younger guys).

It was a super fascinating session which I would love to talk about in depth, but I’m also hella exhausted and should probably hit the hay. So, I shall save it for the next time I am free, which will probably be… either sometime in between work and school tomorrow, or on one of my breaks on Saturday maybe, since I’ll be working a double shift.

Until then!

Love always,


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