Day 11 – January 11th, 2018

Hello!!!! Yet another fantastic day is coming to a close. It’s funny – I feel like I’m starting to lose track of the days again the same way I did in December, but this time it’s in the best kind of way. I totally forgot today is Thursday.

Anyways! Today we adventured towards the west side of the island, towards Stingray city. And just like I knew it would be, it was the perfect day.

Mom and Olivia LOVED the stingrays; at first, mom was a little scared, but then she got used to it.

They were different than the ones I met at Grand Cayman! These ones were a little rougher in terms of their skin, but underneath they were just as smooth and soft. They were also MASSIVE, about 5 feet, bigger than the ones at Grand Cayman too.

I loved them though – they’re honestly like big, flat, slimy puppies who just want to be fed LOL. Such an amazing experience.

There were a ton of fish too, swimming around. You could see them when you snorkelled underwater, which is what me and Olivia ventured off to do for a little bit. The reefs were beautiful, so full of life.

After that, we jetted back to the island on the speed boat and it was such a blast – it was so freeing and wild to feel the wind whipping through my hair, the salty spray of the ocean water lightly hitting my face as we zoomed across the bay.

Once we got back, Lionel picked us up and gave us a ride over to Devil’s Bridge, which was super cool; basically, the seawater ate at this limestone cliff until it hollowed it out underneath to create a natural bridge. And at high tide, the waves off the Atlantic hit the cliffs so hard that it sprays up in massive spouts beneath the bridge. (Which we somewhat experienced when a huge spray of water directly hit my mom and half of Olivia LMAO).

It’s so cool that Antigua is surrounded by both the Atlantic and the Caribbean ocean! The water was a deeper blue than the sparkly turquoise we’d gotten used to on the other side of the island.

Anyways, after that we headed back home. Every day we keep meeting more and more people; today, we made friends with one of our neighbours. She’s a 70 year old dance teacher who doesn’t look a day over 60, and she teaches classes here and does humanitarian work around the globe.

I honestly love meeting new people and striking up incredible conversations about life and learning new things!!! Can I just, travel forever and ever? There’s so much to learn and see out here and I never want to stop. Sigh.

Anyways, tomorrow we’re going to be zip-lining through the rainforest!!!!! I know I’m going to have a zillion heart attacks but I know I’m going to go through with it regardless of the fear. Life is best lived outside of your comfort zone, after all! And what’s life without a little thrill and adventure eh?

Until tomorrow!

Love always,


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