Day 12 – January 12th, 2018

Hi, hi!!! So I’m super tired after a really long day, but it was a good day and well worth all the running around we did.

Today, I got to check “zip-lining through a rainforest” off of my bucket list. And man, what a crazy amazing experience that was! The adrenaline of having to step off of the platform into what seems like hundreds of feet of rainforest and then to zoom through it instead was incredible!!!! I yelled each and every time LMAO. There were 6 zip lines, and the last one was the longest and steepest.

It was so, so much fun!!!! I’m glad I’m such a thrill junkie to be honest. I love living life on the edge, chasing one adventure after the next.

What I love about this trip is that we’re getting the perfect amounts of both adventure and relaxation; we get adventure through the activities we do and relaxation through the beaches we keep checking out.

So far, we’ve done about six of the three hundred and sixty five beaches on this island. After we did the zip-lining, we were going to go climb Mount Obama but found out there’s no trail and no people; god forbid one of us fell or broke something, there’d be no one there to help. So we walked to Morris Bay instead, which was a couple miles away (which means we ended up hiking either way LOL).

After Morris Bay, we went back to town to walk around and visit our friend Ms. Roberts. We grabbed some food to take home, and then we took the bus back to our area.

Even the locals are impressed by how well I’ve learnt the transit system, which makes me happy. We definitely got the most authentic kind of experience possible by meeting all the people we did and taking the bus and living in the heart of the island for this week. I’m so glad!

Our friend Chubby (Matthew) invited is to a massive soca concert tomorrow in the town but I’m not too sure if we’re going to go. I’m lowkey a little worried in the sense that there’s going to be over a thousand people and it’s going well into the night. Not to mention, our flight is the next day! So we’ll see.

Tomorrow is our last full day on the island. We’re planning on visiting the northern part now, to be able to say that we’ve covered a majority of all sides of the country.

I’m not sad that this trip is coming to a close, because I truly believe we’ve made the most of our time here. We met some incredible people, ate good food, soaked up as much sun as possible, and lived in the moments we were blessed with. My heart is happy. This is what travel is.

So when we have to leave, I will do so with a content heart and happy soul. This year has only just begun and already it’s been so promising and so rewarding.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Not only do we have a full day tomorrow, but we still have today. This moment right here. So I’m going to put my phone away, curl up on this comfy chair in our lovely suite, and read the incredible book that Nadia recommended to me.

Instead of saying “until tomorrow”, like I usually do, I shall say…

Thank you, Universe. For everything.

Love always,


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