Day 4 + 5 – January 4th & 5th, 2018

Aw man, my first skipped log of this year. But, I have a valid excuse! I went to hang out with Leila yesterday afternoon and slept over, and I had spent the morning packing and finding my passport. So, it was a bit of a busy day. Granted, I could have maybe typed out a quick log while I was on one of the buses it took to get to Scarborough, but I fell asleep pretty much the whole way there so, alas. It is what it is! And man, I don’t know what it is about buses, but they knock me right out. I think it has something to do with the movement.

Anyways, short log for tonight! I had so much fun yesterday with Leila – it was so nice to just spend time with her and catch up, and I love that no matter how much time passes between the time we see each other, it always feels like no time has passed at all. Also I love being around her family; after this many years of friendship, being at her home feels like my home too.

Today, I spent the day just being in bed and relaxing. Because I know tomorrow might get a little hectic – it’s the LAST DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE TO ANTIGUA!!!!!! I’M SO, SO EXCITED!!!

It’s like minus 33 degrees right now, with the wind chill. I can’t imagine a better time to leave and get some hot sun. We are in dire need of it, that’s for sure.

I’m still a little bit… nervous? About the trip. Like in the sense, I just want my mom and my sister to have an amazing time, and I’ve never had the responsibility of ensuring something like that before because all the times I’ve ever travelled as of late, someone else has always gone about planning everything. But, I know that everything is going to be okay.

My mom’s been asking a lot of questions about it all, and it’s fine! I know she’s naturally a worrier, but doesn’t mean that I need to worry too. The best reaction to that situation is no reaction at all, and making sure she knows that everything is taken care of and that everything will be fine. Because it will be! We’re going to have the best time ever, I truly believe in that.

That’s about all for yesterday and today!

One thing I do need to note though, for later…

Once we get back from vacation, real life has to settle in. And that means, focusing on school and making it my priority. Something tells me that I have the next three months to really get everything in order, for real this time and I know it. No point in running from it anymore.

This is a nice treat to us, but it can’t be just an escape. Life will always be right there to follow. So, I’m looking forward to this week, but once I get back, I promise to myself that I will immediately get right back into my motivated and goal-oriented routine that I began for myself towards the end of last year.

I’ll find a moment to write tomorrow amongst whatever is bound to occur! Until then.

Love always,


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