Day 6 – January 6th, 2018

Hello!!!! So basically in less than 12 hours, we will be gearing up to head out to ANTIGUA!!! This is nuts. Literally this year just began and already I’m leaving the country! Worth it though, we’re going at the perfect time if you ask me! We need a little bit of sun to break up the monotony of the cold snap.

I intend to find a moment to write every single day while I’m there, in order to capture all the amazing moments to the best of my ability. I believe that every trip I’ve taken thus far since I’ve begun my journey of introspection and self-discovery has benefitted me in some way, so I’m looking forward to the things I’ll learn, the ways I’ll grow and the people I will meet on this trip.

My first trip without Luna. I mean, I’ve travelled without her before, obviously, way back when. But this is my first trip without her, me being responsible for the itinerary and the adventures and the way the trip will unfold. It was nice, taking the back seat for once and letting someone else plan everything. And Luna was really good at it; she truly was a skilled traveler. Perhaps this trip will test how much I’ve learnt from her, or learnt for myself even.

Comfort zones are eradicated some way, somehow, inevitably right? So, I’m looking forward to really leaving mine, as I have been for the past year of my life.

Want to know what’s kind of funny?

I’m looking forward to this trip, I really am. But, I’m equally as excited for what’s to follow.

I’m going to get back to my whole beautiful routine of working out, meditating, going to Oshawa to do yoga with Anne and Reina, staying organized and focusing on school and myself as much as I can. I’m truly looking forward to everything that 2018 has to offer me, I feel so good about this year! I can’t put my finger on why in this exact moment, but I know time will tell all.

But, here’s to living life in the present moment, always. When I’m on the beach, with the sand in between my toes and the sounds of the waves gently lapping at the shore, I promise to be there in that exact moment, as fully as I can be. When I’m snorkelling amongst hundreds of tropical fish, I promise to take a moment to stop and bask in the beauty that nature never fails to astound me with. It’s going to be lovely.

I’ll write tomorrow, perhaps when I’m thousands of miles up in the air! Until then,

Love always and with pure excitement,


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