Day 19 – January 19th, 2018

I don’t know why, but it bugs me that I have the urge to start off every log with a greeting without getting right into it. Why is that?

Ah, but I didn’t do it today, muahaha.

(Me @ me, why are you like dis?)

LOL, anyways!!! I work up today feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. The sun was shining, I got ready for work, I did my vision board, and everything was good. I think the post-vacation blues are slowly making their way out.

Work was also good; the shift went by really quickly and I had Sharon and some other folks to keep me company. I love that we spend so much time talking when there’s no one to sell to, because we all end up in some pretty good conversations most of the time.

So, I’m back on Tinder (mostly out of boredom, slightly out of curiosity), and I matched with this superbly good-looking Italian guy, with whom I now have a date for next Friday! I’ve never actually met anyone in person off of Tinder before… so this should be pretty interesting (if it does go through, LOL).

Honestly, I spent last year being so good to myself – making sure I spent time on my own to grow comfortable with my own company, learning on my own, growing as a person, and taking myself out on dates. I think it’s about high-time I start enjoying myself as a single person now! There’s no harm in having some fun, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

So we’ll see how things go!

Tomorrow morning, I have to go into work for a brief moment because the management team is doing a little announcement thing about how my team won our incentive trip to Italy. It’s nice that they asked me to be there, even though I’m not invited to go on the trip.

It gets a little frustrating sometimes at work with everyone asking me if I’m going or not. I have to keep reminding myself that I know my truth, I know my work ethic, and that I shouldn’t care what people think. I know people mostly feel sorry for me and I don’t want their pity but I can’t control it either, so why stress about things that I can’t control? I’ll just make sure to be watchful and aware of my own reactions.

Anyways, putting things into perspective, there’s much more important things in life than petty work dramas. I’m proud of my friends and happy for them. Dianne and Maria are Italian and they’ve never even been to Italy!!!!

I have yet another weekend off from work so I intend to enjoy the most out of it that I can (and hopefully get some studying in too). I should probably hit the hay a little early today since I’ll be up so early tomorrow.

I’ve been meditating every single night since I’ve got back from vacation and I’m so proud of me! I’m also proud of me for finding a moment to write every day, as I have been. The consistency has been so nice.

I have to start implementing some other habits now, such as running every other day and working out, as well as reading my book to stay centered and continue learning.

That’s about it for today! I’ll find a moment tomorrow, I’m sure. Until then!

Love always,


(P.S. I just realized that I use A LOT of exclamation points. I exclaim a lot of sentences. I guess I’m just a naturally excited person? Imagine if I only ever used periods. Like this. The tone in which I’m reading this in my head has suddenly gone so much more flat. And monotone. But when I type like this!!! All of a sudden, the voice in my head is so much happier!!! Strange, how punctuation can change things eh? Okay, that is all. Goodbye now!)

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