Day 20 – January 20th, 2018

I’m so lazy to write this, but I must! Even if it’s a little short one, I must write every day.

Today was a really nice day – I went to work for a little bit because the company wanted to recognize our efforts with a store-wide speech in the morning, and they gave us a bouquet of flowers each! It was so nice of them actually, to acknowledge our hard work.

After the speech thing, we all went for breakfast together and it was so nice to catch up and just talk. Me, Sharon and Dianne ended up staying for hours after just talking about everything and it made me so happy, I’ve missed social contact and hanging out with people.

After that, I headed home and I spent the rest of this day getting high, eating pizza, playing Guitar hero, binging episodes of The Office, and I finally got around to washing my makeup brushes like I’ve been meaning to for a while. All in all, it was the perfect day off.

I should probably start being more productive with my time but I feel like next week is going to be the week that I get back into it, for sure. I’ll start implementing all my routines and start cutting down on the show binging and time-wasting stuff.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to hanging out with Leila and Shada! I’m also hoping I can cut my hair… a trim is long overdue.

In tomorrow’s log, I’ll talk about what I’m looking forward to coming up in the week because I miss doing that. It always set up my week so nicely. Until then,



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