Day 21 – January 21st, 2018

The urge to start to start off with “Hello” is absolutely overwhelming, goodness. I have no idea when that became such a habit, but eh. I’ve always had trouble starting things though, so maybe that’s my safeguard? Ah well.

ANYWAYS! So there was a change of plans today, Leila’s sister wasn’t feeling too well so the plans got cancelled, but it was all good! I think I made the most of this day off today – I organized my lipsticks, did a duet with Olivia, and I cut my own hair!!! LOL.

I was considering going for a trim but like… how hard can cutting hair be, right? That’s what I was thinking.

Well, it’s a lot harder than it looks (especially because when I started it looked like my first grade debacle all over again). [In the first grade, I took safety scissors in Mrs. Cirillo’s class and I cut myself some extremely choppy bangs. Mrs. Cirillo proceeded to put all of my cut hair into an envelope which she made me deliver to my parents, as punishment. That lady scared the shit out of me man.]

Well, once I got the hang of it, it didn’t turn out so bad! I successfully lobbed off about 3-4 inches of hair, and it looks fine to me. Of course, when Olivia gets home, I’ll have her inspect it thoroughly so she can make sure it’s mostly even, heh.

It feels a lot healthier now and I feel lighter. Strange how a little haircut can make you feel that way.

So, I’m ready for the week! I’m planning on it being extremely productive. I’m going to run and workout every other day to get back into it full swing, I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow to finally replenish my contacts (I’ve been wearing the same pair since late November), I’ve got a good amount of work shifts at the end of this week, and I’m hoping to head to Oshawa to hang out with Anne and Raina, get some yoga in!

It’s going to be a good week. I’m going to be on my a-game, go to all my classes. Ou, AND! I totally forgot, but I have my appointment with Nadia this week too. I can’t wait to talk to her, it’s long overdue.

I’m also hoping to really get into my book this week too, Radical Acceptance.

That’s about all for today! I promise to continue writing as consistently as I have been. And hopefully, within one of these logs to come, I can actually sit down and connect with myself properly because lately I feel like I’ve been on autopilot and the days are beginning to blur again.

Until then,

Love always,


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