Day 27 – January 27th, 2018

Holy crap, I just realized that there’s only four days left in this month! I can’t believe how quickly this year is already beginning to fly, jeez.

Today’s going to be short and quick log because… I’m lazy, LOL.

I went to work today, and it was a good shift! It went by fast, and now here I am at home, where I’ve been binging Friends for the past like 3 hours or so. (I actually really like it! I feel like I’m finally being welcomed into a culture I never quite understood the appeal of).

Anyways… I think that’s all! Ou, I’m looking forward to the basketball game tomorrow with my friends! And this week is looking to be just as good as this past week was, so I’m excited.

That’s about all for today! Until tomorrow,



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