Day 54 – February 23, 2018

I meant to start this log way, way, way earlier and now there’s pretty much only one hour left of this day. Yikes. Okay so quick log before I skedaddle off to bed.

I’ve got to talk about my date last night, but honestly I guess it just goes to show that I spent so much time dawdling today, that it’s not something that’s like a pressing matter to write about, which is totally okay. I’m happy that I got out there and let myself have some fun, because it really was a nice date.

I’ve been slacking off in my meditation, my personal reading, and my working out, and I think that it was the amount of work shifts that I took on this month that threw everything off for me. So come next month, I’m cutting down those hours and re-introducing myself to some discipline because it’ll be good for me.

I’m a little disappointed in myself, but it’s okay! I have to offer myself some compassion. Roving hills, remember? Life will never quite be a constant up, always a series of roving hills in a steady incline upwards. There’s going to be some downs some times and that’s okay – I just need to recognize them for what they are so that I can do what’s necessary to work my way back up.

Discipline, self-compassion and a more motivation. I can’t allow laziness or procrastination back in because those are the habits that kept me in my lower-frequency vibrations for quite some time.

So, as sleepy as I am, I’m going to meditate before I go to bed. Even if it’s for five minutes – nothing is going to change unless I do differently after all!

Until tomorrow,

Love always,


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