Day 70, 71, 72 – March 11, 12, & 13, 2018

Well, here I am. I’m up in the air once more, thousands and thousands of miles above the earth with the clouds pooling beneath me to form a blanket that looks almost of fluffy cotton consistency.

The last two days building up to today mostly consisted of work, packing, getting everything together and preparing for this moment. Which, I still can’t believe has arrived. I can’t believe that I’m here right now!!!! I can’t believe it. This is quite literally the most impulsive thing I’ve ever pulled by far, in my entire 25 years of being on this earth. But I love it!! I couldn’t help but grin at myself broadly as the plane took off, “Pocket Full Of Sunshine” blaring through my earphones as if I was in some cheesy montage of my life. I’m dying! This is nuts.

Anyways, all pageantry aside, there’s some things I wanted to seriously talk to myself about here while I have a moment to.

One – I need to be as conscious and mindful as humanly possible on this trip. Since I am on my own, I am solely responsible and accountable for everything that happens to me and everything that I experience from this point onwards. That includes viewing this trip with the utmost positivity and optimism possible, knowing and believing that this WILL be an amazing trip and that I WILL be safe.

Two – I’ve claimed time and time again that I want to strengthen the bond between myself and my intuition. Well, I have no better opportunity to do so than this trip. A vast majority of my experience this week is going to depend on my intuition, manifesting what I believe is meant for me, and working alongside the universe to create the most beautiful experience possible. But I believe in myself! It’s time to test everything I’ve learnt in this past year, as well as learn further and deeper than I ever thought I could.

Three – while I love sharing my experiences on social media and documenting the memories I make, I must solemnly swear and vow to myself this: I will spend more time in my present moments than I do on my phone. I will spend more time gazing at the wondrous beauty that surrounds me through my own eyes rather than through the screen of my phone. I will take mental snapshots to save to my memory rather than devoting more storage to this device.

And lastly, four – I am uncomfortable, I am partly terrified, I’m worried and time to time, I’ve been imagining the worst. I understand that these feelings are all fear, stemming from my ego-self attempting to define and explain my experiences into something it can understand and categorize. I won’t let it. I will purposely make myself uncomfortable. I will face my fears and combat them with utter excitement and courage. I will do everything I can to leave my comfort zones in this life so that I can experience it as fully as I deserve, as deeply as I was meant to.

There’s no going back now! Only forward. Always forward.

Anyways, that covers the more introspective part of this log!

Funny synchronicity already – I met a DJ in Antigua’s airport and used some of my last change to buy him a muffin because he was hungry. We followed each other on Instagram and I haven’t thought anything of it, until now; turns out, he’s also going to be in Belize this weekend at an event and he says he can get me in! Who knows what’s meant to be or what will happen, but hey Universe, I’m open and up to it all!

I may add more to this log tonight once I’m all settled into my place! But for now, maybe I’ll read some of my old logs and reminisce or choose from one of the three books I brought along.

My heart is so, so full. Already, being here on my own, I can’t believe how happy I am with just me and my own company. I’m so excited for all the ways in which I am going to grow, change and all the things I’m going to learn about myself!

Until later!

Love always,


Day 72 continued…

Hello! Okay so I’m on my second flight and should be landing shortly, and already I have an amazing update!

I ended up sitting next to a woman named Lori, who happens to have Torontonian friends living in San Pedro, the town in the island off the coast of Belize! We started talking and she started advising me on the things I should see and do, and she seems to be a part of the travel industry because she knew which exact days would be the busiest in Belize due to the influx of people coming off of cruise ships!

With her help, I booked an amazing looking hostel right on the beach of Ambergris Caye, in San Pedro, for this weekend!!! Holy crap, I’m so excited. This is it, this is exactly what I imagined for myself. I knew somehow that I wouldn’t be staying in the same place this whole week, and now that link has been made.

She even let me book the place through her phone LMAO! She happened to know the owner of the place I booked too, so she had a lot of good things to say about it, and she showed me pictures and told me the vibe is best on the islands. I didn’t need to hear anymore than that one word to know that I was on the right path already by just having faith and letting it take me where it would.

Alright, that’s all for now! I’m going to be landing within the next half hour, and my adventure continues! I’m so excited!!!! Let the positive manifestations continue, that is all I will be extending my energies towards for the entire duration of this week.

Here we go!



Day 72 continued further…

Lmfao, I love how I’ve gone from writing once every couple days to writing like 3 times in one day! Vacation will do that to you.

So, I have landed and I have settled into my lovely little home. It’s pretty much exactly as I pictured it would be, and better yet – I have a balcony!!! As soon as I checked in, I gave the property owners a fragrance each and by an amazing synchronicity, it was exactly the kind of fragrance that the main property owner uses so he was really happy.

After I settled in, he explained to me where everything was – the ferry terminal, some close by restaurants, the pier closest to the ocean. So once I unpacked and changed into more summery clothing, I decided to venture out and explore the places he’d told me about so that I had a good mental idea as to where everything is, get the lay of the land. (I have pretty great directional memory – but when it comes to everything else my brain is more leaky than a strainer).

The bright side: everything really is a short walk away. I was able to check out everything he mentioned during a lovely brisk walk, and the sun came out too! I already feel sun-kissed. It reminded me so much of Antigua that it felt like I’d already been there. And I’m close to a girls school and all the local students are super friendly and cheerful.

Slight downside (depending on my perception of the situation): it’s like Antigua in the sense that the male locals have no problem cat-calling, asking me if I’m lost, beckoning me to come over, and trying to get my attention by any means possible. I mean, it’s fine – I’m firm when I have to be, ignore it when it seems less than innocent, and know how to diffuse it politely if it’s light. But man. I definitely have to be careful. I don’t have my mom or sister around so the dudes are a lot less respectful – I’m a lone female traveller.

It’s fine though! Nothing less than I was expecting really, and I can handle myself. I’m looking forward to getting to the island and seeing what the vibe is like there.

For the rest of today, I’m gonna unwind and head to bed early so I can get ready to take on this week.

I’m still waiting on some excursion people to get back to me regarding tomorrow and Thursday, but I’m not worried. I know everything will work out exactly as it’s meant to. For now… I shall do what I intended, and just enjoy this quiet alone time. But adventure definitely awaits.

Until next time,

Love always,


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