Day 73 – March 14th, 2018

Hello! So I’m currently lying cozily in bed after my first full day here in Belize, which turned out to be extremely fun and successful!!! I’m so, so proud of myself.

Alright so – I started off this day with my cave-tubing tour. Leonardo, my tour guide (from a tour company that I found online) picked me up in a tour bus really early in the morning and off we went! On the bus, I met two lovely sisters from Iowa – Christina and Nova. They were older (in fact, they were grandmothers but both of them looked to be in their early to mid forties, no lie!!!) and they were soooo cool! They were super chill and so impressed by the fact that I’ve been travelling by myself.

Once we got to the site, half the tour bus went zip lining first so I hung back and chilled out. I was kind of hungry too so someone local from the site took me over to this tiny little place where I had the most delicious authentic empanadas and I was so, so happy. I even tried it with their local Belizean hot sauce (which was actually delicious and did not kill me LOL).

After that, it was time to cave-tube so I rented some water shoes, got my helmet and life-jacket, and off we went. The hike through the jungle was nuts – it was at least a 40 minute hike and sometimes through the river itself. The river stemmed from the top of the mountain though so it was cool and refreshing.

The caves ran underneath the mountain itself so this is what exactly cave-tubing entailed: basically, we tied all our tubes together to create a mega tube, and with our guide leading the way we floated along the rivers in the dark caves, with tiny little headlights on our helmets lighting up the way.

It. Was. Amazing.

The Mayan peoples of olde believed that those caves carried 13 levels of hell! But honestly? It was completely the opposite.

I could see the crystal quartz glistening in the ceilings and in the stalactites, the same way I did in the crystal caves in Grand Cayman. Except in this case, I was lying in a tube, floating gently along the cool mountain-water river and taking everything in in the most unique and amazing way possible.

It was incredible. I’m so glad I found my way too it. Once we left the caves, we continued down along the river in the jungle until we got back to the starting point of our journey.

Once we handed back all of our equipment, we had to run because the tour group had to make it back in time to get back on their cruise ship. But we ate in the car and omg hands down it was the best stew chicken, rice and peas and coleslaw I’ve ever had.

My heart was so, so content. I couldn’t believe what I manifested for myself with the help of the universe. And meeting such amazing people along the way too. I’m so grateful.

My tour guide dropped everyone off and then we sort of chilled for a bit near the big Belize sign. He asked me some questions about life in Canada and why I was travelling alone, and then after he dropped me back off at my place.

Speaking of my place – I love it!!!! I’m so in love with my little apartment room. So far so good on the whole hostel experience. I’m glad I’m someone who doesn’t need much – just a bed to sleep in and it’s all good.

I’m getting really sleepy now but I really want finish this before I crash so real quick.

I decided to go check out one of the surrounding islands called Caye Caulker (pronounced “Key” instead of “Kaye”) so I hopped over to the ferry terminal and made my way over spontaneously (while keeping in mind I had to be back before sundown at 6 pm).

After talking to someone’s tour guide about Belize city and the islands, I finally understand better why everyone keeps asking me why I chose the city to stay in; it seems as though the islands have the main bulk of the tourism industry, as well as a safer atmosphere for tourists. But that’s totally okay! I do feel safe here and I’m being smart, so it’s all good.

Caye Caulker was beautiful – there were bars everywhere as well as small little local food shops that I wanted to stop at so badly. But, because I hadn’t realized that it was a 40 minute ferry ride between the city and the island, I didn’t have much time to explore.

So I found the coolest bar I could at the end of the island called “The Lazy Lizard”, grabbed a Belizean beer and sat there for a while to bask in the last rays of the setting sun and take in the beach-vibe ambience.

Someone offered to buy me a beer but I refused LOL got to stay on the safe side!

After that, I headed back to the city, just in time for sundown. I made it!

I love that this has been such a cool learning experience. But more so than that, I’m so incredibly proud of myself and I’m so happy with everything that’s happened so far, by my own hand. I still can’t believe that I’m doing this! And I think it’s safe to say that I’m doing it well.

Okay, I’ve got to sleep because tomorrow I’m going to be doing another tour with Leo where I’ll be exploring and climbing an old Aztec pyramid (SO COOL) as well as seeing monkeys in their natural habitat? That was a spontaneous addition to the tour but hey, I’m cool with it!

I’ll write tomorrow after my next adventures. Until then!

Love always,


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