Day 74 – March 15th, 2018

Hello, hello!!! Yet another amazingly successful day today, all thanks to the universe and I.

So this morning, Leonardo picked me up first we headed off to go pick up the group coming off of the cruise ship. But as it turns out, the group was pretty big so I couldn’t go along with Leo and his group! So he arranged for me to go along with another group that was headed to Lamanai, the biggest Mayan archaeological site in Belize with the tallest temple.

I was totally down for anything, (especially because I know everything happens for a reason) so I happily tagged along and I’m so glad I did!!!

The tour was so cool – we had to take a speedboat upriver to the site for about an hour and it was so much fun speeding along the river at like 120/mph with the wind and the fresh spray of the river water whipping at as as we sped onwards.

Once we got to the site, we had to hike to the different temples. We started off with the Jaguar temple (which had massive carvings of Mayan-style jaguar faces carved into the walls) and then we saw cute monkeys in the trees! As we headed onwards, it was so nice to bask in the ambience of the jungle and the rich history we were surrounded by. I couldn’t help but think – who walked along where I was walking now? Was it a King or Queen maybe? A Mayan princess? The people of the Mayan civilizations from thousands of years ago? Man, I love history.

Once we got to the biggest temple, I was astounded. Never in my entire life did I ever think I’d get to see something like that in real life. It was incredible!!! It was… “unbelizeable”. (The local tour guides love this joke and I can’t get enough of it LOL ah, puns).

Climbing up this temple was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve done some pretty incredible things thus far. And man, the view from the top was breath-taking. I totally understood why the staircases led right up to the tops of the temples – you really did feel like you could touch the sky, and reach heaven. It was… magical.

After that, our tour guide led us to another temple with beautiful regal masks carved right into the stone, and ode to the king or prince who once resided over that area. The Mayans built their pyramids on top of pyramids (as to preserve the political statement of their predecessor) and man how I wished I could go inside and see what it was like.

Anyways, the rich history behind the ruins, and monuments themselves… it truly was such an incredible experience that I am so absolutely thankful for. Yet again I met some amazing people and families who were so impressed that I was travelling on my own and who wished me well for the duration of my trip. I can truly feel all the positive energy that I am garnering as I continue on this journey.

Once I got back home, I realized that I was still super hungry but it was already pretty late and the sun was going to set soon. But I hadn’t ventured out into the city since the first day I got here and I really did want to eat at a local restaurant, so I got my courage up and ready again and left to go eat at Neri’s, which is a little walk away from my hostel.

I was the only one there LOL! But no complaints – I sat and enjoyed my meal of rice and stewed peas and chicken, and I even tried their home made hot sauce with habanero peppers!!!!! I’m so amazed at myself LMAO it was hella spicy but sooo good.

After that, I knew there was an ice cream shop nearby but the sun had already set and the darkness was beginning to set it. So, heart pounding a little, I dashed over to the ice cream shop to satisfy my craving for sweets that I’ve had since I’ve got here. And man, it was so worth it – I got chocolate fudge brownie with a waffle cone and happily walked back home, safely.

I did it! I faced my little fear of being out after sunset. I know I should be more careful, but I mean there’s careful and then there’s being bound by your fears so I just wanted to see what would happen if I faced them a little and it turned out perfectly okay.

Going with my gut!!! And it’s been working out amazingly well so far.

Anyways, tomorrow I’m off to San Pedro!!!!! I’m so excited, I can’t believe that this trip is entailing for me. I can’t believe I booked a hostel through the phone of a woman I had literally just met on a plane!!!! Logic says: “girl you cray” but my inner voice that’s so strong now, the little voice of intuition that I’m relying on, she’s like “you’re doing just fine boo, keep doin you” and she’s the voice I’m going to strengthen and keep listening to.

I should probably head to bed now (although tomorrow is the first day I’ll sort of get to sleep in) but I’m pretty tired so I think I’ll just lie in bed and lounge until sleep overtakes me.

This is making me so excited to live by myself one day. I know I’m going to be so happy on my own, with my own space and my own energy. It’s so beautiful, so calming, and truly so addictive to experience this kind of solitude. I’m so at peace.

Off to bed I go! I can’t wait to explore “La Isla Bonita” tomorrow in real life. Until later!

Love always,


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