Day 75 – 80 – March 16 – 21, 2018

I’m home!!!!! It’s good to be back.

I have to write about the last five days of the end of my trip. The days that truly changed my life, that changed me.

I didn’t find a moment to write at all during these days because I was so fully immersed in the moments that were given to me. I lived, in every single possible way that I could, as deeply and as fully as I could. And it was incredible. I’m still in awe and I’m also very much at peace, still and content. This past week of my life has strengthened my bond with the universe more so than I could have ever dreamed possible. It strengthened my intuition, the call of my inner voice. And it strengthened my relationship with myself – now more than ever do I know who I am, what I am, what I can offer, and ultimately… what I want for my life.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

So, let’s backtrack to where I left off, which was the day I left to San Pedro.

It was the Friday, March 16th, and little did I know but I was in for the most amazing weekend of my entire life thus far. I packed up all my stuff in the morning at my hostel into two big bags (essentially ready to backpack my way through San Pedro), and off I went to go catch the water taxi over.

On the water taxi over, this girl ended up sitting beside me out of the blue. What I noticed was that she had a lot less stuff than I did – just a backpack, and that was about it. I was kind of in my own world for the most part until I overheard a very interesting snippet of her conversation with the gentleman beside her; she mentioned that the way she’d ended up in Belize was by hitch-hiking from Mexico.

Curiosity immediately piqued, I looked over to her and caught her attention, and I was like, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but… did I just overhear you saying that you hitch-hiked your way to Belize from Mexico!?”

She laughed and nodded, then introduced herself. Her name was Haley, she was 22 years old from Australia and for the past half year of her life, she’d been travelling the world through hitch-hiking, back-packing and staying at guest houses and hostels. She’d been both pick-pocketed and mugged (once in Africa and another time in Mexico), had been without a phone or credit card for about a month, and… she was doing perfectly fine.

I was astounded. I couldn’t help but ask, “but… how did getting mugged make you feel? Wasn’t it frustrating and scary?” and with the biggest smile ever, she was like, “I mean, I did cry for a day! But the next day, I was fine. I’m sure that person needed my phone in that moment more than I ever have. And I’ve been perfectly okay without it. So why dwell, right?”

She’s honestly one of the most positive people I’ve ever met in my life. A living embodiment of “change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”. Regardless of what experiences she had accumulated (good or bad), because of the way she chose to look at her situations, she was able to shape her reality. It was awe-inspiring.

She’d spent months in different countries in Africa, in Asia, and now she was making her way through Central America for the next little while. She was in the midst of her law degree, but taken time of school to travel because she knew once she was settled into her career, she wouldn’t have time for it anymore. And her parents were fully supportive of her doing this. It made my heart sing.

We exchanged information and she promised me that next time I come down to Australia, that I should totally visit her and she’d take me around to everywhere she thought I should go. And originally, after spending two nights in San Pedro I had planned to go meet up with her in Caye Caulker for one of my last days but… well… what happened next, changed everything. Regardless though, I know I will run into her again one day in some part of the world. I’m sure she’ll have a lot to teach me, more than she already has already.

She got off at Caye Caulker, and I headed onwards to San Pedro. I was a slight bit apprehensive because I had heard that San Pedro was more touristy and I was looking for more of an authentic local vibe. But man. San Pedro was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Once I got to San Pedro, I hitched a quick taxi over to my hostel to check in. My hostel was called Sandbar, and it was absolutely perfect – there was a little bar and chill lounge area built right in leading out to the beach, and right in front of it was a bar-grill-lounge place called “Palapa” that everyone always went to since you were able to float out on tubes in the sea while enjoying your drink in the sun, and it was all connected to a gorgeous dock over-looking the water.

I checked in and settled all my stuff into my dormitory, which was a females-only kind of dorm full of cool bunkbeds and private lockers. Even the bathrooms and showers were nice, everything was so clean and so neat and it made me so happy – it went against every single stigma I had ever heard about hostels being unclean and unsafe for solo female travellers. Not to mention, because of my dorm being so open and free, I was able to meet some amazing travellers from all over the world, of all ages and amazing stories to tell.

Anyways, once I settled in, I threw on my bathing suit and headed to Palapa to grab a bite to eat. At this point, I was so comfortable with being on my own that I headed straight to the bar side, hopped on a bar stool and grabbed a menu. I said hi to everyone who passed by, happily. I can’t begin to explain how comfortable this trip has made me with my own company. Taking myself out to dinner and movies during last year were some amazing baby steps, yes. But nothing compared to what travelling and even living by myself has taught me about being on my own. I am happy. I am content in my own presence. I am at peace with who I am when I am with me. It’s truly a beautiful feeling to know that if I ever seek company, it’s because I genuinely enjoy and want it rather than need it to feel complete.

I ordered some delicious fish tacos and ended up striking up a conversation with one of the bartenders, who in turn made me a “rumarita” for free (because he knew I hated the tequila in margaritas). After that, I decided I’d take my drink and head outside to lounge around in the pool tubes and get some water time in for the first time in my entire trip – the water was irresistibly beckoning me for some time.

Once I made my way out there, I noticed that there were two girls already in tubes and one of them was sitting on the steps, talking to them both. They all seemed to know each other and… I don’t know, I can’t explain it, I really can’t. I can’t explain what made me drift over to them, swim up next to them and pick a tube. It felt like… I was drawn to them, to their energy. Once I settled into their conversation (I don’t even remember what we talked about at this point), by like half an hour in it felt like we’d all known each other for some time.

It turned out that two of them did know each other and had travelled together, and that the other girl was a solo traveller who had just checked in to the same hostel that I was staying at!! That girl’s name was KT, and she was absolutely beautiful and bubbly and her super chill vibe reminded me so much of Krystal that I liked her pretty much immediately. The other girl in the tube was Cherie, and her friend who was tanning on the dock was named Jessica. Cherie was super funny, friendly, and reminded me so much of me in her out-going and warm nature, and Jessica was that person you just knew you’d have a good time with, no matter where you went or what you did, with that sense of humour that would have you rolling around on the floor in laughter.

We stayed in those tubes for quite some time, just talking and getting to know one another and laughing. Once the sun began to set, we agreed to exchange numbers and set up a group chat since all of us had iPhones, and that way we could maybe hang out at night together.

The rest is just history man. (kidding, I’m going to keep writing of course). But I mean like… man. I’m still shaking my head in awe at how everything else proceeded to unfold from this point onwards.

I have to go and get ready to go hang out with Olivia, Bianca and Bethany tonight to help Bianca out with a project for school and also to catch up on everything! But I’m going to continue this once I get back. I’ve only just begun too! Holy man. It’s going to take a while to capture the epicness of everything that’s occurred. But I’m looking forward to re-living it in such vivid detail one last time, especially to remember and solidify everything I learnt, how I feel, and all the ways in which I have grown.

‘Til I get back!


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