Day 81, 82, 83 – March 22, 23, 24, 2018

Hello, I’m back! I couldn’t find a moment to write because I got right back into work these past couple days and then went to sleep! (Or like yesterday, I just vegged out and chilled because I haven’t done that since I got back either LOL). But, I do have some time right now before I head off to work, so let me just knock off as much as I can before I go and before I start to forget the details!

Let’s see, where was I…

Ah yes, the day I met the girls! So that night, we all headed back to our hostels to get ready and we promised to message each other so that we could meet up later that night. And we did!

We ended up at this place called “Lily’s” for dinner, although I didn’t eat too much because I was still recovering from a nasty bout of food-poisoning from the day before (thankful for that experience too!).

After we got to know each other a little bit further, we decided to head out and adventure around (especially because Jessica was in dire need of a specific type of medication – she had been passing kidney stones from the start of the trip and I have NO IDEA how she was making it through. FUCKING KIDNEY STONES! She didn’t let the pain hold her back from experiencing the best parts of this weekend. Did I meet some inspiringly positive people or what!? What a fucking trooper man, she’s the definition of “badass”).

It turns out that Jessica and Cherie had rented a two-person golf cart (golf carts are how everyone gets around the island, all the roads are narrow and paved with old cobblestone-like rocks so no massive cars are allowed). But, they had a tiny little pick-up truck reminiscent compartment in the back (that KT and I lovingly labelled “the bucket”) and we fit perfectly into it!

What a fucking blast it was to zoom all around San Pedro in the back of that golf cart, LMAO! Even though our asses bounced off that metal over every single pot-hole we ran into, it just made the whole experience that much more fun when we went flying. Ah, the freedom, the life!

That night, we spent time driving around from place to place in search of that medicine for Jessica but we had an amazing time while doing it – we met incredible people, drunken people, fun locals, you name it! We laughed until we cried when we met two guys from Texas who were super drunk but super fond of one another (“this guy… this guy is the BEST GUY you will ever meet! The best diver and the BEST FRIEND EVER!”)

Eventually, we got back to our hostels and we were pretty tired so we didn’t drink, but we decided to just hang out at Sandbar and chill with people. And oh man, the people we met! Okay so, there was this one point we all went to the washroom in the upper part of Sandbar, and there happened to be this massive map of the entire world that spanned the length of the hallways that led to the washroom. And me, KT and Cherie stood there for a while, pointing out where we’re from originally and all the places we want to go to, one day.

Turns out, it was the perfect place to stand because a) a lot of people had to use the washroom and b) that map ended up becoming the great point of conversation with every single person who happened to pass by LOL. It got to the point that we amassed a whole crowd of people (mostly drunk but ridiculously friendly) and we got told by some of the people who were trying to sleep that we had to move the party back downstairs to the lounge (oops).

But man, we met some wild folks. We met two sisters were who legit an absolute riot (one kept claiming she was in the peace corps and she lived in Belize for the past two years but then her sister said that everything she said was a lie so we had absolutely no idea what to believe LMAO). And we met some other guys who were with them too, and spent the rest of the evening dying of laughter at everyone’s drunken antics. After a while, we all turned in with the plans of linking up the next morning to possibly do a snorkelling tour to Shark Ray alley.

The next day though, there was a change of plans – turns out that there was no “morning tour” available for us and that we had to do it in the afternoon. I got the contact information of the person who said they’d do the tour for us though, so it was no worries. Only now, we had the whole morning free.

But as always, everything happened exactly as it was meant to – we spontaneously decided to head over to the Secret Beach since we had our morning free and man, what an adventure it turned into! It was an hour drive over and the roads were atrocious but we turned it into a game of “how can we drive so we avoid the potholes best” LMAO, like legit Mario kart! It was hilarious and so much fun.

And when we got there… I think amongst every country I’ve been to, every beach I’ve experienced, this was hands down the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to in my entire life and in all my travels.

It was a peninsula of brilliant turquoise-blue that rivalled the fiery azure of the sky, as far as the eye could see. It was so calm, so still, not a wave in sight minus the slight sea-breeze that rippled lightly over the top of the water, casting beautiful sparkling lights down to the white sands that lay below. It was… truly paradise.

What a fantastic morning we had. We swam as far as we could, drank refreshingly cool drinks on the beach-front bar, lounged about in the hot sun, and just talked and laughed and bonded further. LOL at this point, the people we met thought that we’d all known each other from long before, even though we’d only met the night prior.

GOD I WANT TO GO BACK LMAO IT WAS SO PERFECT! But I’m grateful for the experience; I know you can’t re-live the same moment twice. I’m happy to have it but I let go of my attachment to it.

Anyways, after we got our fill of the secret beach, we decided to head back in order to make it back on time for our snorkelling excursion. But on our way back, we passed by this beautiful market that we couldn’t resist stopping at for a moment to explore. So we parked off to the side of the road, and walked around for a little while.

It was so cute – all the little pop-up stands were locally run, and there was this little area where it looked like they projected movies onto a white screen like a drive-in movie theatre except it was right in front of a pool! And there was also this little area with giant Jenga and giant Connect Four that we couldn’t resist taking pictures beside.

But as were making our way over to take a picture, this dude sitting in what seemed like a massive life-guard’s chair with a really deep and intimidating voice was like, “I’m sorry ladies, but you can’t be here without pants.” (Me and Cherie were only wearing shirts over our bikinis so we had been walking around with just bikini bottoms, LOL).

Shook, I was this close to meekly apologizing and getting the fuck out of there, but Cherie and KT called the guy out on his bluff and turns out he had been jokingly all along LOL! So we took our picture, and we bid the guys in that area adieu (with me specifically saying, “goodbye, super serious dude!”)

(This part will be important for later, and in literally the funniest ways possible).

Alright, time for me to get ready for work! Wow, I hadn’t realized that trying to write this all out would actually be this time-consuming LOL. I’m making good progress though! And I’m actually surprised at the quality of my memory… I wonder if it’s the memory supplements I’ve been taking lately, or the fact that I was so present in every single one of my moments that it made it that much easier to recall. Maybe a bit of both!

I’ve still got to write about my realizations, my current state of being, and the way that this trip changed me and open my eyes to certain things. So hopefully if I have some energy tonight, I’ll be able to do that!

Until later then!

Love always,


March 24th continued…

As tired as I am, I feel like I should continue this because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get a chance sometime soon! This week is already looking to be really busy and filled with plans so I definitely want to write as much as I can, while I can.

Let’s see… Okay so, after the market, we made it back just in time for our tour! It was just me, Cherie and KT on the whole tour as well, like no one else joined us so it was basically like our own private tour which was so nice! We started off with Hol Chan, which is basically their protected barrier reef (one of the most beautiful barrier reefs in the world).

And our tour guide kept saying there was a sea turtle close by and that that’s what we’d be starting off with, and in my head I was like “oh must be a small little guy somewhere close by.” But oh… my… god. It was MASSIVE. Like as big as me!!!!! I remember once seeing a twitter video of people scuba-diving next to a massive sea turtle, and I remember thinking “god, I would love to experience something like that one day.” Well, I did!!!

It was for sure over a hundred years old, and since it was so big, it moved so slowly and with such ease. It was absolutely magnificent and one of the greatest moments of my whole life.

After the turtle, we swam out to the reefs, where we swam alongside fish that were about half the size of my body, and schools of brilliantly coloured fish, and oh my goodness the reefs were absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen so many colours underwater in any part of the world I’ve been to.

Our guide was amazing – he knew exactly where to take us to, what rocks to turn over to show us little creatures we’ve never seen before that looked almost alien-like such as long spiny menacing looking lobsters or strange looking starfish that actually swam in the water between our fingers. And at one point, he dived into a cave in the reef and out from the other side came a whole school of fish, it was magical. We also saw a spotted eagle ray!! It swam so majestically, and it reminded me so much of the stingray from Finding Nemo LOL.

But the best parts had to be when our guide enticed two massive green Moray eels out of their hiding spot – they legitimately looked like what I imagine sea monsters to look like, from their faces and teeth to the way they swam underwater. But they seemed pretty friendly! It was just, such an incredible experience.

And then after that, we went over to Shark Ray alley where we swam with the nurse sharks!!!! Some of them were pretty big and it was a little nerve-wracking to get into the water with them once they began to swarm, but I took a deep breath and jumped in and holy shit. It was exactly as I imagined it would be. They swam around us harmlessly, and my god they were so, so beautiful. And we got to hold them, and pet their bellies!!! We free swam around after that to see more fish, and see where some sharks hide (and massive ones too), and overall it was definitely the best snorkelling experience I’ve ever had in my life so far. I can’t wait to learn how to scuba-dive, I can’t even begin to imagine the creatures I’ll see and the things I’ll experience being able so swim close to the ocean floor.

Okay, that’s about all I can bang out for now because I am EXHAUSTED. The next part is one of the best parts and I’m so excited to get to it, but sleep is calling me.

I may be able to find a moment tomorrow after work! So, until then. Man, what a life it’s been so far.

Thank you Universe. I am truly eternally grateful.

Love always,


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