Day 84, 85, 86, 87 – March 25th – 28th, 2018

Hello! So I’ve been working every single day for the last week or so since I got back but I finally have a day off today! Which means, not only will I be finishing up the occurrences of my trip, I’ll also be able to update what’s been going on in the past couple days too! Namely how I ran into Sera on Monday and got to catch up with her, and also how Luna and I finally had that long overdue conversation about what happened during Christmas and my thoughts and feelings regarding that.

It’s funny how I pretty much left the best parts of my trip for last, LOL. Well, here we go…

So after we got back from our excursion, we all went our separate ways to change and get ready for the night ahead of us. For the heck of it, I threw on one of the dresses I had after showering, because I figured we’d be hitting the town that night. While I was getting ready, Jessica messaged us and told us she was at Palapa’s with these US Marines that she’d met randomly sometime during the day, and that we should hang out with them, so we were all down to start our night there. Little did we know…

Me, KT and Cherie finished getting ready and met up at Sandbar so that we could head over to Palapa’s together. And once we got there, we found Jessica sitting with a group of ridiculously good looking men… and ridiculously familiar looking as well. It only took seconds before we were all yelling at each other in hilarity – turns out, they were the exact same guys from the marketplace!!! It was meant to be.

We all settled into our chairs at the table and started to get to know one another over endless buckets of beer. So there was Matt (the super tall guy who had been sitting in the lifeguard’s chair who told us we needed pants), Dean (who was actually a sergeant lieutenant in the marines, and way, way up there), Lance (who bore a striking and somewhat hilarious resemblance to a certain celebrity) and Andy (super quiet but had a great sense of humour when he did speak).

It was so funny – there was four of us girls, and four of them (and Meg, but no one really counts Meg), and once again, it was almost as though we were meant to meet. We all got along right off the bat, our humours all matched, and they were total gentlemen too (for the most part, LOL).

As the night progressed, Palapa’s had last call pretty early so we decided to head to Sandbar’s lounge to continue pre-drinking before the night really began. At this point, it was almost as though we were all trying to figure out who was most compatible with whom (so funny). Everyone was flirting up a storm, and it was all in good and harmless fun. Everything was easy. The guys thought we were all gorgeous and wouldn’t stop complimenting us! It was so nice, and super flattering too.

Once we got to Sandbar, we all kind of settled into the lounge area and Matt (who, may I add, is six foot SEVEN. Literally the tallest guy I’ve ever met in my life) ended up sitting in between me and Cherie. I could tell he was kind of interested in us both, but I couldn’t help but flirt a little extra with him – he was super cute, his height made me feel tiny, and he was actually pretty funny! And at this one point, he disappeared for a bit and when I turned around, I found him petting both a cat AND a dog at the same time. I don’t know why I mentioned this in all honesty but, that’s my kinda dude, if I were to have a type. LOL.

Anyways, I was getting extra touchy-feely with him and he was doing this thing where he’d stare super intensely into my eyes and speak quietly enough for me to hear and it was doing all kinds of things to me (his voice is super deep and quite hot).

After a couple rounds of drinks (all paid for by the guys, by the way – this is what I meant by gentlemanly) we decided we were ready to head out to town and get the night started.

Oh man, what a freaking adventure. Walking to wherever we did, we were cracking jokes, laughing until we cried, running around, truly adventuring. It was so, so much fun!! I felt so carefree, happy, and light.

Dean made this joke about starting an escort service with us called the “United Nations” since us four were all from different places and altogether we made the perfect mixture of cultures, and he did this whole video thing for snapchat where he introduced each of us in turn and our “special features” and we were HOWLING. It was actually so funny. And we had made a pact earlier that night, all of us, that anything goes that night. We even put all our hands in the middle and did that whole “break” thing to make it official. So the guys were feeling super comfortable around us, and we around them.

We got to this bar with a dance floor, and music was going and it was pretty hyped! The guys met up with the rest of their marine friends to start a tab and get drinks going, and me and the girls hit the dance floor right away. I couldn’t resist, the music was so good and I immediately started going off.

At this point, the guys came back over and started dancing with each of us in turn, and it was all fun. I took turns dancing with Dean (who had fantastic rhythm and who actually knew the steps to salsa and meringue – this guy even dipped me over as though we were in the movies! So much fun) and I danced with Lance too (that got pretty heated at one point, I can’t lie). But then when Matt came over to dance with me, that was all pure chemistry. I can’t even explain it, LOL. Like I could just feel it in the air, unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time.

After a while of dancing up a storm, I sat down for a bit to catch my breath and cool off. That’s where I met Angelo – he was yet another marine, but he was married and didn’t drink. So he was thoroughly enjoying the shitshow that was us and his friends, LOL. He was really funny! And because he was sober, he gave me a bit of background information about all the boys, but I’ll touch upon that later. Because…

While I was sitting down, Matt came and sat down close to me and invited me to sit on his lap, LMAO. And well, I couldn’t resist, so I did. And you know, it was actually quite comfortable. At that point, he was giving me that look and he even mentioned that he really wanted to kiss me. Jokingly, I warned him that I’ve been told that I’m a fantastic kisser, and that there’s only one way to really know for sure. So I leaned over and kissed him (much to the amusement of all our friends who began to cheer and egg us on, LOL).

He affirmed I was fantastic, and that was it – we were a “thing” for the rest of the night LOL. I’ve no idea at what point I decided I wanted to sleep with him, but it was pretty much a given with how much chemistry and tension was building up between us. He didn’t even have to ask – I can kind of remember him semi-joking about it and me with an absolute deadpan expression nodded along seriously like, “yup, it’s definitely happening” and he looked super shook but also really happy at the same time LMAO.

And from that point on, the jokes about how “well-endowed” he was began from all of his buddies. “Good luck, you’re going to need a wheelchair tomorrow morning”, or “we could make balloon animals out of the size of condoms that this guy uses”, you name it. But I was dying.

Regardless of all of that though, he was actually really sweet with me. He gave me my space to hang out with my friends, touched base every so often, mingled with everyone and had fun. And whenever he was by my side or holding my hand or kissing me, he kept telling me endlessly how beautiful or gorgeous or sexy I was, like literally every five minutes or so. I lost track of how many times I thanked him, in all honesty. But it was fun, and it was nice.

After a while, we all ended up in the main part of town, walking out and about in the streets bar-hopping from place to place and just talking to everyone we met and making friends. Sometime around two in the morning or so, places began to close down and everyone decided to call it a night. We all walked back to our hostels together, and this was where me and Matt kind of dawdled behind everyone, walking hand in hand. But we actually talked, and it was actually a good conversation.

I learnt that he didn’t quite know what to believe in any longer with some of the things he’s seen being a marine, some of the things he’s had to do. I learnt a bit more about his family, about why he originally joined the marines in the first place and what it meant to him. And it’s funny – this deeper conversation only began because of the tattoos he has, and some of the ones that I have. Which is a big part of why I love tattoos – ask about them and more often than not they’re a great way to get to know a deeper aspect of a person. Personally, all of my tattoos have a story, lesson or meaning behind them that pertains to some point in my life.

After we got back, everyone decided to go their separate ways with the promise of definitely meeting up in the morning to hang out again. But Matt and I went out and about on an adventure of our own…

Long story short (and also because I’m not going to post the more intimate details of my life online despite this being an anonymous blog), nothing too serious ended up happening. But what did happen, did take place out on a pier overlooking the sea, with all the stars above us and a gorgeous breeze coming off of the water. It was actually stupidly romantic and definitely the most “adventurous” I’ve gotten, in that sense. (Friends who are currently reading this, feel free to ask me for the most in-depth version of this part, LOL).


We stayed on that pier for a while, talking about religion and life and faith and I even taught him a bit about Buddhism. We both agreed that it was essential to stay learning in life, and that anyone who claimed to know it all had already failed when it comes to learning and self-growth. It was actually a really nice conversation, and he let me wear his t-shirt back to our hostel because it got kind of chilly at around 4 in the morning.

I know he kind of wanted me to come back with him to his dorm just so we could cuddle, but honestly I wanted my bed. So we kissed goodnight and agreed that it’d been a really fun night, and headed our separate ways.

Okay, THERE. I’ve finally covered what happened this night! I still have to talk about the rest of this trip but it’s really late now and I’ve got to be up pretty early in the morning, which means yet AGAIN I’m going to have to put off finishing this.

And tomorrow, I’m going out with Radha after work so I definitely won’t find a moment to write. Looks like it’s definitely going to have to be some time this weekend.

Until then! Man, I really want to get to the introspective part of my logs. I miss reflecting and I’m in some dire need of it! Soon, soon.

Love always,


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