Day 94 – April 4th, 2018

Why hello there! I’m currently relaxing quietly next to Olivia while she works on her essay, and we’re sitting next to the massive floor to ceiling windows that overlook the city buildings and bustling streets of downtown.

It’s been an amazing day!!! I spent my whole work shift basically sitting down and quietly painting tiny flower pots LOL. And I had so much more energy today! I think yesterday I fought off an oncoming bout of flu or a cold, because there was a tickle in my throat and my eyes felt heavy. But, I’ve been taking shots of lemon and ginger, and last night the swim in the salt water pool really helped a lot too.

It’s getting a little late but I really want to do a catch up log of everything else! Luckily, I have a whole day off to myself tomorrow and I intend to sit down and catch up on everything so that I can start writing every day as per usual.

Anyways, it’s late now and I just wanted to write a quick little log before bed! Me, Olivia and my mom just had dinner together at Hot House (we’ve been going to that restaurant for years since it’s right beneath this building) and it was so nice. I love that we’ve been spending so much time together since we moved here. And the energy in this apartment is so calm, tranquil and soothing… we really needed this. I’m happy, and so, so grateful.

Until tomorrow!

Love always,


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