Day 99 – April 9th, 2018

It’s so odd to me that the 99th day of the year lands in April! It’s like, it feels too soon to think we’re already on the 100th day of the year as of tomorrow, but it just goes to show how quickly time is flying eh?

Speaking of time flying, I’ve got about three days left until I leave to Belize and Guatemala!! So strange, it hasn’t sunk in yet. I’ve got to head home tomorrow for a moment to pack quickly so that my bag is ready for me when I crash Thursday night and leave early Friday morning. Oh, the missions I pull. I’m going to have some kick-ass stories when I’m fifty though, that’s for sure. “When I was 25, I bought a one way ticket to Belize and hopped over to Guatemala for the heck of it…”

Anyways, I kind of just wanted to write a quick log for today. But I mean, I may as well finish catching up on the stuff I didn’t mention from before, briefly.

Let’s see… Easter! So I spent Easter with my family and it was a ton of fun. As per usual, we made the most of the fact that some of us can drive now, and threw together a spontaneous bowling outing (and went to a park to smoke up first with some weed we bought off a random link that one of us had LOL literally so random). It was so, so much fun though and I know I don’t see them often but every time we hang out, it’s like no time has passed. I can’t wait for the summer that’s ahead of us! We definitely have to rally and do something together.

That same day, Nick messaged me because Sofia had gone to the restaurant and he’d asked me if I’d told her about it (which I had, except she’d forgotten and coincidentally gone in because she’d seen the mariachi band LOL). I told him I had and he reminded me that he’d told me long ago not to tell anyone and I apologized (albeit rather shortly because I was kind of taken aback and didn’t know what to say). I think he kind of felt that though because right after, he asked me how I was doing and that led into a conversation.

I commented on how it’d been a long time since we’d talked last, and he agreed. We updated each other a bit, asked about how jobs were going and stuff. He was waiting to hear back on a job he’d recently applied for that he really wanted and I wished him all the best.

He mentioned that he’d noticed that Olivia was dating someone and I told him that she was really happy, and that he was such a good guy.

And then out of the blue, he asked if I was happy. And I told him I was, very much so, especially since I’d been doing my own thing for a while. So I asked back and asked how things were going with the girl he was dating, which he avoided answering. He did mention he was happy though, when I asked again, so I’m glad.

Anyways, after all of that I mentioned hanging out again and he said he’d really like to and that it’d be nice, and he’d let me know. So that was an interesting exchange.

I go through these phases where I’ll suddenly be super nostalgic for our friendship and miss it a lot, and then life gets busy again and I forget. I’m currently in the phase where I’m not nostalgic, but nevertheless I would love to hang out again some time. I think it’d be nice to catch up, see how he’s changed in the year and couple months that we’ve been apart. I really do hope he’s doing well for himself and that he truly is happy.

I’m almost done fully catching up, ah! One last thing: So while I was in Belize, Jake ended up telling me that he’d landed a full time job in England and wouldn’t be coming back to Canada to live here anymore, which made us both kind of sad since we had so many plans for all kinds of dates for when he came back. But, I am happy for him because this position he landed was exactly what he wanted for himself and we both truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Anyways, he’s coming back next week to gather up his stuff and tie up some loose ends, but he’s already mentioned that he wants to spend a majority of that week with me LOL. So… things should get pretty interesting, I believe. I’m looking forward to it. Although, I’ll be out of the country and working for most of that week so we won’t get a lot of time to spend together like he’s hoping for, that’s the only thing. But, it is what it is. Guatemala is calling my name!

And that’s it! I am now all fully caught up and in present time when it comes to my logs.

So, the question now remains… HOW HAVE I BEEN DOING!?!?

My goodness, I don’t remember the last time I checked in with myself amidst all the craziness that’s been going on in my life lately!

Honestly, I’ve been good. Great, actually! Living in downtown has been such a nice change from being at home. It’s a whole different energy, and taking space from my dad has actually been quite nice (no offence to him). I’ve missed him like once or twice maybe and mostly out of pity (especially when he texts to tell me he misses us all) but I mean, I really do think that this space is good for all of us, in the long-run.

The strike is still on-going, but again, not worried about that either. I guess I’ve kind of been keeping up with myself here and there throughout the logs I’ve been writing, like I know I’ve written about where my current mind-frame (and heart-frame) is at right now so I don’t have much to catch up on in that sense either! I have feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way, but I’m still doing my own thing regardless, and I’m happy. I’m taking everything, every aspect of my life, one day at a time, because that’s all I can really do.

Tomorrow I’m hanging out with Adrian, which should be interesting! I really am curious as to where he’s planning on taking me. Interesting that the universe has manifested this particular occurrence too, so out of the blue! I’m looking forward to possibly finding out what it could possibly mean.

Until tomorrow then! I’ll definitely find a moment to write.

Love always and for as long as I shall walk this Earth,


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