Day 102 – April 12th, 2018

Hello! Quick log today.

It was a good day – I had a work shift that flew by in a breeze since all my favourite people were there. Me, Sera, Marilyn and Daniella went on break for a while and caught up, and it was so much fun! We laughed a lot, which I love that we do with one another.

I wished Nick a happy birthday early this morning, sincerely wished him all the best and said that he was making it happen for himself which was amazing, so I wished him happiness in all ways as well.

He replied so kindly, thanking me and saying how much he appreciated how thoughtful I was and mentioned that he was glad we were still friends. It made me happy! I know our paths weren’t meant to stay intertwined, but I’m glad they diverged on a such a good note. Exes most definitely can stay friends if two people are truly willing to let go of their pasts in order to move forward into a future without one another in the ways they once knew before. Our new friendship has eclipsed our old relationship.

So, tomorrow would have been the day that I left to Belize! Instead, I’ve got a jam-packed weekend to look forward to right here at home instead. I’m hoping it’ll make time pass by faster because…

It looks like Adrian and I may have another date planned for next Friday; even though he hates scary movies, he promised to make an exception for me and watch one with me. (I have literally no idea how I’m going to focus on watching this movie, straight up LOL).

I want to fast-forward through this entire week, gah.

I still can’t believe it honestly. Like I skimmed through that 100th day log again briefly and just… how? It’s crazy.

Just going to keep faith in the universe and try my utmost best to remain patient!

Anyways, that’s all for today! I know this weekend is going to be busy so I hope I’ll find a moment here and there to write when I can. Until then!

Love always,


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