Day 103 – April 13th, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th! So far, all is well and there haven’t been any scary movie instances as of yet LOL (unfortunately).

I’m currently on a bus on my way to Leila! We’re going to get pho (yum) so I’m really excited!!! And I’m sleeping over as well so that I can teach her how to swim, which shall be cute.

I thought I’d type out a quick log while I can! Something crazy I wanted to mention – so my friend Cherie who was originally the reason I was going back to Belize messaged me today to check in with me, and I asked her when she was heading out.

Turns out, the past two weeks, things have been so busy and so up in the air for her, that she lowkey didn’t want to go but didn’t want to tell me because she’d felt bad that I’d already booked my ticket!!!!!!

And look at that, eh. The universe strikes again.

My intuition is getting more and more honed with each day that passes! It’s incredible! I have to do more to feed it and to fine-tune it, but so far I’m really very happy with it. It means that my connection to the universe is strengthening, and that’s an amazing feeling.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this busy weekend (and hoping it’ll distract my mind away from a certain someone for at least a little LOL).

We were texting back and forth making plans for this Friday coming up. And when I asked if he was free Friday, he joked that he thought he would be, but that he works until 5, and then was planning to “see this girl who was coming back from vacation next week, but her plans got changed or something.”

So I joked back and was like, “oh a girl eh?! What’s she like? Is her pun game stronger than yours?”

And his answer totally made my heart skip a beat, it was so cute:

“Theres a strong possibility of that. Whats she like? Unbelievable. Great sense of humour, amazing taste in food, wonderful outlook on life, intelligent with great values and drop-dead gorgeous looks. So yeah… I guess shes kinda alright.”

*drawn out sappy sigh*

This is possibly the quickest I’ve ever developed what feels like a really big crush LMAO. I get that those are the chemicals, yep. But I know for once it’s more than just that. I guess it’s a matter of what I choose to focus on. I have to be as mindful as possible, and it seems like that’ll be relatively straight forward to do because it’s so easy to be myself around him, completely.

Waiting a week to pass has never, ever seemed more daunting. But this is a good opportunity to practice patience.

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