Day 121, 122, 123 – May 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 2018

Hello! May has been off to a fantastic start thus far.

The weather is finally shaping up and heading into the twenties, and I actually wore SHORTS for the first time this year (in this country, I mean). Ah how I love late-spring/early summer weather. All the trees are beginning to bloom, the breeze is absolutely cool and refreshing, and the sun is giving off just the right amount of heat.

Anyways, I’ve got to bang out this log so that I can get started on my next project – I’m going to be dying my hair purple today!!! Staying true to my impulsive streak, as per usual. The idea kind of came to me randomly a couple weeks ago and that was all it took. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go blonde and be able to dye my hair whatever colour I want, so why not now while I’m in my mid-twenties and working in an industry that won’t give a damn what my hair colour is, right? C’est la vie!

So on May 1st, I trekked over to Brampton to hang out with Avery for the day and it was so much fun! He had his car so I got to witness how he drives and experience it firsthand, and honestly I would have never guessed but the guy has an inner nascar driver, LOL. Nevertheless though, he was a good and confident driver, which in turn inspires me to continue onwards on my journey to my license. We watched the new avengers movie (which was not at all what I was expected but still hella epic and really cool), and then afterwards headed to a restaurant to watch the first Raptors game. We lost, but it was still fun to watch. I’m glad that I’m enjoying watching it so much through association, since Leila and Avery are such big fans.

After the game, he drove us back to the bus terminal but we got there early, so he let me drive his car around an empty parking lot for a while. We both practiced our reverse parking, and I got to have a little fun and speed around a bit and turn sharply because I never get to drive like that when I’m with my instructor. We bumped some good music all the while and just drove around and around, which was actually tons of fun.

I’m honestly really lucky to have the best friends that I do. We’ve been friends for years to the point that it now just feels like family. When someone is able to stay in your life as long as they have and witness all the ways in which you’ve grown and changed, it creates a bond. And I intend to keep these bonds for life, aka they’re pretty much stuck with me forever.

Anyways, onwards to yesterday, May 2nd!

Okay wait, to backtrack a bit – after the weekend and hanging out with Adrian, I was wondering what “too soon” would be to ask him to hang out again, because I really, really wanted to LOL. But of course, the universe showed me that there’s no such thing as “too soon” or any kind of timeframe at all when it comes to this. Day before yesterday, he ended up messaging me to ask me to see a movie with him to which I immediately agreed, and the plans fell into place as naturally as clockwork. Which goes to show, I just have to keep trusting the universe on this one, I really do.

Everything I’m feeling, he’s feeling too. As foreign a concept as that may sound, the proof is in the pudding and I can confidently go ahead with this with no fears and no doubts about it.

So, yesterday – I made my way over to Richmond Hill because there was a theatre right there at the bus terminal (and I’ve found a much, much simpler and quicker way to make it there – not to mention, I didn’t want to be anywhere close to home so I was more than happy to make my way over). I met him at the terminal, and he picked me up (looking gorgeous as ever, sigh) and we parked over at the theatre.

Funny enough, we hadn’t discussed what movie we were going to watch or what time, but like magic (of course) he knew exactly which movie and which time I was considering in my head before I had gotten there, which was perfect. It was a scary movie and we were a little early, but that just gave us more time to make out in the empty movie theatre.

And better yet – no one ended up coming in!!! We literally had the entire movie theatre to ourselves, which is the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like that.

So we were able to make ourselves as comfortable as we pleased – I had my legs up over his, leaning right onto him, cozy as ever.

The movie was actually pretty good for the most part (what I watched of it anyways, when we weren’t… “distracted”, hehe).

Side note, he smelled amazing. Like… amazing. And if I’m going to be writing about instances like this, I want to remember those tiny little details that added to the overall magic of things.

Like how being around him feels like time is still, or that we’re outside of time. Like how the way he kisses me makes me feel all the things he feels, especially when he’s softly tracing his fingers along the outline of my lips. Like how the way he looks at me tells me everything I need to know.

And all of this during a simple movie.

It was a lot of fun! I know he doesn’t really like scary movies, but he sat through it with me (despite calling me crazy a couple times – well, that’s what he’s signed up for with me! Which I explicitly told him so hehehe).

After the movie, it was still early and beautiful out, so we decided to go grab something to eat and he took me to this brightly lit and beautiful Mediterranean-cuisine restaurant for some food.

And we ended up staying for quite a while just talking about everything and anything! Literally – we ended up getting into this discussion about the nature of luck, of determinism and free will, the theory of whether or not being able to let go and trust in the universe can possibly prevent negative circumstances or events from manifesting, and so much more. I bounced all my ideas off of him, let my thoughts come as they did, and he was able to build on them or challenge me to see things differently, which I can’t begin to express how much I enjoy and love.

Oh and I showed him my “Lilo and Stitch” voice, and he was amazed LMAO. He said that if I start controlling the weather, he’s going to have to hide me, which made me die of laughter. And then just when I thought he couldn’t get any more perfect for me, he showed me his own little secret hidden talent – he can mimic Kermit the Frog’s voice to a t. Like… I thought my Stitch voice was good? Nah, man. He took the cake. I literally sat there staring at him like “well gee universe, not only do you send me this ridiculously good looking, funny, amazing, romantic, sweet, cheesy, affectionate guy… he also does weird voices like me too!?” I’m legit such a goner. Whatever level there is that’s above “head over heels”, well, that’s me right now.

And he enjoys my… eccentricity. I told him how I’m the weird one in my little friend group (to the point that one time Avery and Leila literally walked away to escape me that one time at Wonderland). But I love that I can be my total self around him. I can make ugly faces at him across the table and he’ll make them right back at me, no holds barred.

After dinner, he accompanied me to Shoppers because I needed some stuff (contact lens solution, toothpaste, etc. Which reminds me, at one point he was like “for all of your contact lens problems, there is a contact lens solution” with the utmost straightest face and I literally laughed for like 10 minutes LMFAO and I know full well that was legit the lamest joke but oh my god, this guy). It was actually kinda cute, I love little cheesy things like being able to shop for stupid stuff with someone. He even waited for me as I deliberated between shades of purple for my hair dye (which he thinks is going to look amazing by the way and is so excited to see, which makes me so happy – he’s open to all decisions and results of my impulsivity).

After that, it was still pretty early and neither of us were in any rush to end the date so we decided to head over to a nearby park to just walk around and hang out for a little while longer.

He took me to the neighbourhood park, the one where all the major holiday and summer festivities go down in Richmond Hill, and it was so romantic and cute and cheesy. We walked around the pathways while he explained when and where everything happens during the summer, or old memories (like how during grad everyone came to this park to take pictures). And when we stopped at the pretty waterfall, he pulled me close to kiss me as though we were in some rom-com that only he and I were in (and obviously made my heart explode).

We walked around the edge of the lake, hopped over rocks, piggy-backed through the trellised gardens and finally ended up sitting together in a massive playground swing as night fell, just talking. He opened up more about his dad, and I can definitely sense what he meant before about how it’s not easy for him to open up. But with me, he tries and he does. We talked openly about how each of us makes the other feel – I told him how much I enjoy spending time with him, that being around him makes me feel still. And he said that being with me makes him feel like we share an air of our own, that we’re outside of time, and he’s never ever worrying about the next moment or tomorrow when he’s with me.

We made plans to go to High Park sometime next week, to see the cherry blossoms in bloom (cheesy as hell) and then go for AYCE sushi at my favourite place which is close by. We sat in the trunk of his jeep for a while and he told me about this drive-in movie theatre that was close by, which I’m also so down to experience as well and so is he. He even asked me what I was doing July 18th, because he wants to take me to a Lauren Hill concert and said he couldn’t imagine going with anyone else, aw. I can’t wait for all these summer plans we have up in the air currently. It’s going to be amazing.

Him being the sweetheart that he is, he drove me all the way home and played The Lumineers for me. It was perfect, with the breeze coming through the windows as he drove along and both of us singing “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart” at the top of our lungs.

Once we got to my neighbourhood, he pulled off to the side so that we could say goodbye properly, heh. It was cute – he acknowledged that even though he pretty much spent the day kissing me at every opportunity we could find, he still couldn’t seem to get enough and I felt the exact same way.

We finally said goodbye and I waved him off as he drove away, literally already excited about the next time we’re going to hang out.

I’m honestly enjoying this so much, every bit of it. The pace it’s unfolding at, the way it’s all happening. No rush, no worries. Every kiss, every touch and every smile. I’m content. I’m at peace.

Anyways, that’s all for meows! So today I have one last day off before I head back to work, and I actually have no idea what my work schedule looks like for the rest of this month LOL. But eh, whatever happens, happens.

There’s a girl’s night tomorrow with the work ladies and I’m hoping all will go well because none of my main loves are going, since it’s being hosted by someone else. Which means that Luna might be going, which means this will be the first time I’ve seen her in a month, since her trip, and since the last time we spoke.

Honestly after that last conversation, I think it was more so a closure conversation than anything else. The minute she brought up the fact that she’d been searching up hotels that “we” could use my mom’s hotel discount at, during a time we hadn’t even been talking at all? Total turn off. Maybe once upon a time, our friendship had more genuineness to it. Maybe once, she really did care. But now I feel like when she looks at our friendship, all she sees is a means to travel cheaply but well. And I don’t think I want to travel with someone like her anymore, someone who has such a capacity for cruelness and calculation. I think it’s just best if we maintain an amicable and professional work relationship, and leave it at that. I wonder if I’m going to have to convey this to her, or if my vibration will convey it for me, LOL. We’ll see.

Well, that’s all for today! So far, May has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me. Wish me luck on my new hair!

Love always and in every way,


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