Day 136 to 143 – May 16th – 23rd, 2018

Okay soooo… I haven’t written in over a week, which makes this the longest I’ve gone without writing since this year has begun. And throughout the week, I’d catch myself getting a little overwhelmed with my overthinking here and there at work and I kept telling myself “I need to write, I need to write” – not only to document everything that’s happened, but also as an outlet for all of my pent-up thoughts and emotions from the last week or so.

Again, this week has passed by in a blur of work shifts (which actually ended up taking their toll on the past Saturday), but these past three days I’ve been off and spending time with friends and family so that’s helped quite a bit to help me get centered once more.

I’m so lazy to type this, it’s late at night and I have a work shift tomorrow. But that shift is like, an all-day thing and I know I’m going to be tired when I get back from work, ugh.

I have such long stories that I need to catch up on (okay, maybe just two, but there’s a lot of context to them in order for them to make sense).

My gut says… I should just sleep for now, and finish this off (or start it all, really) tomorrow after work. After all, I actually do finish earlier than I normally do and I suppose I won’t be as tired as I think. I’d rather write that log with a fresh mind and no laziness whatsoever as to not leave out important details.

Okay, until tomorrow then!

Love always,


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